Infinix S5 Vs Infinix Hot 8 – Which Of These Two Should You Buy?

infinix s5 vs infinix hot 8

All in one in one year and even month close to each other Infinix mobile Released two new devices, Hot 8 and S5. Is there is a significant difference between these two? Follow Along with my Infinix S5 Vs Infinix Hot 8 comparison and let see the differences between the two if there is anyways.

The Infinix Hot 8 is one of the devices that most people wanted to see its compared with the latest Tecno Camon 12 that was just released a while ago. The Camon 12 device is also one of the devices that have been making waves at this time.

But, we are not here to talk about the Camon 12 lol. Let dive into the comparison between Infinix S5 Vs Infinix Hot 8 and let see which of the device you should really go for if you are contemplating on which one you should buy.

Infinix S5 Vs Infinix Hot S8 The Full Comparison – All Aspects

Actually the comparison will be done in the form of arranging hierarchy based on what you first see when you hold a device in your hands. lol

The Design on Infinix Hot 8 and S5

Infinix hot 8 vs tecno camon 12

These two devices come in gradient colors and both have stunning designs all around on the device. There is a plastic build on both devices. Infinix Hot 8 has a fine glossy build which is made from plastic the same feel on the Infinix S5.

On the back, they both have a similar design, the camera alignment, and the fingerprint sensor position and the power and volumes buttons on the sides the Sim and SD card slot on the sides too. The Speaker and the charging port are beneath both devices.

Meanwhile, the Infinix S5 has some changes in the design aspect. There is a Punch hole display that houses the front camera and also at the back, the flashlight has changed it position because of the Quad lens on the S5.

If you are looking for a nice designed device I’d say the S5 is beautiful especially with its punch-hole design.

Hot 8 comes in different colors [Quetzal Cyan, Cosmic Purple, Shark Grey, Midnight Black] and Hot S5 comes in different colors [Quetzal Cyan, Violet, Nebula Black] too.

Infinix Hot 8 Display Vs Infinix S5 Display

infinix s5 vs infinix hot 8

surprisingly,  S5 and Hot 8 have the same display type and inch. There is a 6.6-inch display that uses an IPS display type and the resolution on both devices is 720 By 1600 and they both have a 20:9 aspect ratio.

If we should put the two devices side by side it will be difficult to differentiate the two if not that the Hot S5 comes with a punch hole that houses the front camera and Hot 8 has a waterdrop notch that houses the front camera.

They both have similar chin size below the display on the device. Now let us move with our Infinix S5 Vs Infinix Hot 8 comparison and see some difference between the two devices.

Camera Comparison on Infinix S5 Vs Infinix Hot 8

Based on the design and the specs it is obvious that the Infinix S5 comes with a better camera compared to the Infinix Hot 8.

Infinix Hot 8 comes with Triple camera setup which is aligned vertically and the flashlight is in between the second camera and the third camera. There is a 13MP main camera + a 2MP depth camera and another 2MP dedicated for low light pictures. On the front camera, there is an 8MP lens.

Now, to the Infinix S5. On the rear, there is a quad-camera setup and the flashlight is aligned horizontally There is a 16MP main camera + 2MP super macro lens camera + 5MP wide-angle camera and another 2MP depth-sensing camera.

The killer point comes on the front camera when you compare Infinix S5 Vs infinix Hot 8 because S5 comes with a 32MP front camera just like the Infinix Hot S4

Performance Aspects on Both Devices

infinix s5 vs infinix hot 8

What if I told you that both comparing Infinix Hot S5 Vs Infinix Hot 8 performance might be ruled as draw on both sides?

They both come straight with the exact chipset no difference in any form. There is a MediaTek Helio P22 chipset that has an Octa-core Cortex A53 CPU at 2.0GHz speed on both the Infinix Hot 8 and S5. So there is no winner in this aspect.

The operating system that comes preinstalled on Infinix Hot 8 is Android 9.0 Pie and it is the same thing we have on the Infinix S5 and they both use the Infinix XOS V5 skin. They share some similarities in almost every part.

Storage Options on Infinix Hot 8 and S5

Talking about what we have on the previous Infinix Hot S4, we had a 64GB internal storage and a 6GB RAM. The Infinix S5 has cut that short as it comes with 4GB RAM and we are not sure if there will be more variant of it.

Comparing Hot S5 vs Infinix Hot 8, they both have a 4GB RAM and also they both have 64GB internal storage and they both have a dedicated slot for SD card up to 256GB.

So, comparing Infinix S5 Vs Infinix Hot 8 on the storage aspect is also a tide because they both have the same ROM and RAM.


infinix s5 vs infinix hot 8

What is a smartphone with no GOOD battery LIFE? it is nothing!!! The company has never disappointed us in this part.

Infinix devices are always having a battery that always lasts long and charging Infinix devices is always fast and doesn’t take more than 1Hour and 30Mins tho they don’t have fast charging features on almost all of their previous products.

Infinix Hot 8 comes with a bigger battery and it lasts longer than most previous infinix devices. A huge 5000mAh battery is what Infinix installed on the Hot 8 and it has a fast-charging 2A feature.

The Infinix S5 comes with the normal 4000mAh that always come on previous devices from Infinix Mobile. The fast charging feature is not ascertained on this device. But I feel like the 4000mah battery should do a great job on the device.

We don’t need to compare Infinix S5 vs Infinix Hot 8 in battery department as it as shown clearly that the Infinix Hot 8 comes with a better battery than the Infinix s5

Overall Verdict Between Infinix S5 Vs Infinix Hot 8

There is no much difference between these two devices especially when it comes to the performance aspect, the screen type and display inch. But there are some other things like the battery and camera that are distinct on both devices.

The Infinix Hot 8 price cost about N32,500 while the Infinix S5 price will cost about N45,000.

So if you looking for a cheaper device then you should go for the Infinix Hot 8 but you should note that the camera on the device won’t take extraordinary images in terms of quality but the picture quality are not bad at all.

If you want a device with a better camera megapixel on all ocassions then you should go for the Infinix Hot S5 and even the front camera will serve you better more than you can expect because it has a 32MP for good pictures.

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