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Apps category on Gadgetstripe is basically about all of the applications which you need to carry out any task on your device be it laptops or smartphones.

Best Mobile Betting Apps in Nigeria

Top 5 Best Mobile Betting Apps in Nigeria

Over the last decade, mobile betting has gained significant growth not only in Nigeria but also on the international stage. The rapid growth can...
best crypto app for beginners

7 Best Crypto Apps for Beginners in USA, UK & Nigeria 2022

Many beginners are getting lost on how to buy cryptocurrencies and which app or wallet to use. So we will list the best cryptocurrency...
apps to buy bitcoin in usa

Top 5 Apps To Buy Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency In USA 2022

In the United States, trading bitcoin has been there since the day it was created by Satoshi Nakamoto. So let's take some time to...
best apps to invest in stocks

Best Apps to Invest in Stocks in Uk, Canada & USA 2022

Smartphones have made life easier; not only do we connect with our friends and family on the go, but we can also carry out...
Best Apps if You Travel by car

The 5 Best Apps if You Travel by Car To Make Your Journey Memorable

On-the-go apps: And we do not mean looking at your phone while driving. Besides the fact that you will receive a hefty fine, it...
best productivity apps

Best Apple Watch Apps For Productivity You Must Have 2022

Most Apple Watch owners don't know how powerful the watch they have on their wrist is. The Apple Watch has more productive functions than...
loans apps in nigeria for lending money

Top 10 Best Loan Apps in Nigeria for Instant Loan 2022

Ever wondered about the best & instant loan apps in Nigeria that you can use to borrow quick money for business or personal use? We...
best investment apps in nigeria

Top 15 Best Investment Apps in Nigeria For Nigerian To Invest 2022

Never invest in a business you cannot understand. This article is meant for anyone in Nigeria wanting to invest. These are the best 15...
apps to buy crypto in usa

Best Five (5) Apps To Buy Crypto In USA in 2022

Best apps to buy crypto in the USA. There are a lot of apps to buy crypto currently in the app stores. Several crypto...
apps for all entrepreneurs

The Best Apps for Entrepreneurs – Grow Your Buisness

As an entrepreneur, time is the most essential thing you need to manage correctly to stay on top of your business. So, we are...