Infinix Hot 8 Vs Tecno Camon 12 – Who Will Win the Battle?

infinix camon 12 vs tecno camon 12

The two giant smartphone brands in Africa Tecno and Infinix Mobile had released new devices and now let see Infinix Hot 8 Vs Tecno Camon 12 full comparison to see who wins the battle.

Actually, this is not an actual battle we just want to see what we have on both devices with the Infinix Hot 8 Vs Tecno Camon 12 full comparisons and well we might as well see who wins in each department.

Before we start the Infinix Hot 8 Vs Tecno Camon 12 comparison you should also know that Tecno also released the Camon 12 Pro and Camon 12 Air along with the Camon 12. Well, Infinix also released the Infinix Hot 8 lite along with the Infinix Hot 8.

Infinix Hot 8 Vs Tecno Camon 12 – All The Aspect Comparison

We are going to group this comparison into different sections to make things easy and so we could see clearly what both devices hold.

Design and Build on Infinix Hot 8 and Tecno Camon 12

Infinix hot 8 vs tecno camon 12

The Tecno Camon 12 comes in Gradient Nebula color design, also made of a glossy back casing to make it eye-catching. Also, Infinix Hot 8 comes in gradient design for the back casing and it comes in different colors more than the color variants on the Camon 12.

Talking about the thickness on the Infinix Hot 8 it has a 7mm thickness while the Camon has an 8.2mm. Talking about the weight on both devices none of the devices exceeds a 200g for weight.

They both have tripe rear camera which is aligned in the same vertical direction with a quad flashlight. At the back of the device is where the fingerprint sensor is installed for easy and fast reach but the in-display sensor wouldn’t be bad if they did tho.

There is an identical design for the aspect on the Infinix Hot 8 and Tecno Camon 12. The speaker grille, earphone port, charging port and the microphone are situated at the bottom of the device. Buttons are on the sides. The Camon 12 has a dedicated button for Google assistant.

Display on Infinix Hot 8 and Display on Tecno Camon 12

tecno camon 12 unboxing

Now, let move on to the display aspect on both the Infinix Hot 8 and the Tecno Camon 12. Well, there are some significant differences in both of the devices when you check the display department.

Let see the first thing they have in common in the display aspect and that is the display type. There is an IPS LCD display type on both the Hot 8 and Camon 12 both rating up to 16 Million colors.

The Tecno Camon 12 display is smaller compared to the display on the Hot 8 with some minimal margin. There is a 6.6-inch FHD+ display on Infinix Hot 8 and a 6.52-inch FHD display on the Tecno Camon 12.

But despite this difference on the inches of the display on these devices surprisingly they both have a 720 x 1600 resolution and both have a 19.5:9 aspect ratio.

There is no king when it comes to displaying aspect but if you looking for a wider display I suggest you go for the Infinix Hot 8.

Tecno Camon 12 Camera Vs Infinix Hot 8 Camera


I said earlier that both devices have a triple rear camera which is aligned vertically on the device. Now let see what both devices hold when it comes to the cameras department and let see if there will be a king.

Camon 12 has a Triple 16MP + 2MP + 5MP. This camera boasts an ultra-wide 120° photography with scene detections on all scenarios also the rear camera possesses an integrated AI feature. A camera built for all bokeh on a 5P Optical lens and macro photography.

On the other hand, the Infinix Hot 8 comes with a triple 13MP + 2MP + 2MP camera which also has an integrated AI feature for all of your scenarios and scene recognitions. With the triple camera, I am not sure ultra-wide-angle photography is assured. But there is an enhance Phase Detection Auto Focus(PDAF).

On the front camera aspect, Camon 12 has 16MP front camera which is 2X what we have on the Hot 8 from Infinix

Well no much talk, Comparing Infinix Hot 8 Vs Tecno Camon 12 on the camera aspect. The Tecno Camon 12 does well and has the highest advantage on the camera modules.

Comparing Software On the Hot 8 and on Camon 12

Another aspect of a device that really matters is the Operating system. The Operating system on devices is the major key element that really gives users the experience which they are looking forward too and bringing new updates to the device on new system updates.

Comparing Infinix Hot 8 Vs Tecno Camon 12 on the Operating system aspect there is no difference, they both runs on the Android 9.0 Pie Operating System but they both have their skins. Hot 8 has XOS V5 while Camon 12 has HiOS V5.

Performance Aspect On Both Devices

infinix hot 8 vs tecno camon 12

Going first with Infinix Hot 8, it comes with a MediaTek Helio P22 MT6762 chipset which has 2.0GHz Octa-Core Cortex A53 Processor and it uses a PowerVR GE8320 Graphics Processing Unit.

On the Tecno Camon 12 as well there is a MediaTek Helio P22 MT6762 chipset also a 2.0GHz Octa-Core Cortex A53 processor and it uses the same PowerVR GE8320 GPU like the Hot 8.

So if we should compare the performance on the Infinix Hot 8 Vs Tecno Camon 12 performance there will be a tide if we should do a speed test comparison on both devices.

The Helio P22 is fabricated using the TSMC’s 12nm FinFET fabrication process. Yes, 12nm seems exciting, but it is not as great as you might have expected. If you look at the transistor densities, it is only slightly better than Samsung’s 14nm Process that is used by Qualcomm’s 14nm SOCs like Snapdragon 450.

Storage Option On Tecno Camon 12

On the Tecno Camon 12, there is a 64GB ROM storage with SD card option on a dedicated slot up to 256GB. And, there is 4GB RAM installed on the device.

Storage Option On Infinix Hot 8

Now to Hot 8, there is a 32GB ROM storage which is currently on sale in the country with 2GB RAM. But also note that there is a 4GB RAM model of the device which should come into the market soon.

With this, Comparing Infinix Hot 8 Vs Tecno Camon 12 there will be no winner if this is put to test too.

Battery Infinix Hot 8 Vs Battery Tecno Camon 12

Infinix hot 8 lite

It is a straight win for the Hot 8 if we should do a comparison between the Infinix Hot 8 Vs Tecno Camon 12 WHY? Infinix installed a huge 5000mAh battery on the device and still the device supports a 2A fast charging feature for quick charging.

On the other hand, Tecno installed a 4000mAh battery on the Camon 12 and there is no fast charging feature on the device. But you should know that charging the Camon 12 from 0% to 100% wouldn’t take up to 2 hours to get a full percentage.

It is obvious that the Infinix Hot 8 will also last longer than the Tecno Camon 12 at least they both runs on the Same OS, so they will have the same battery optimization settings and remember they both use the same Processor which also contributes to how last a smartphone lasts.

Overall Verdicts on Infinix Hot 8 Vs Tecno Camon 12

Comparing the Infinix Hot 8 Vs the Tecno Camon 12 seems not to be much of a competition and if we calculate the points attained at each department we can see it more like a win-win for both devices.

If you are looking for a smartphone with great camera modules with nice AI and auto scene Recognition and more camera functionalities then I suggest you go for the Tecno Camon 12. Tecno Camon 12 Cost about N46,000

But, if you want devices that will last longer and give you the power of wide form of entertainment on a big display and battery that would last for hours of usage and even give you varieties on the color selection I suggest you go for the Infinix Hot 8.

The Infinix Hot 8 cost less than the Camon 12 well that will be because of the fact that we only have the 2GB RAM model of the Hot 8 around now.

You can Buy the devices right now on Jumia and Konga jujmia logokonga logo


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