Why You Can’t Live Without Big Tech

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Have you ever tried living without the 5 big tech giants? it is nearly impossible. The possibility is that we can’t do without them; they’re our daily drive. And most of the time, there have tools we regularly use for our businesses. Although their other’s will can use; or maybes we’re just too attached with Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon.

Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon, and Facebook create all the products will use daily but we can’t just stop using them, why, because we use their products and services every day to communicate and work. It just makes things easier. They’re part of us now, things we couldn’t do before we do it now and that’s why it’s just almost impossible to let go. WhatsApp, a Meta company (formally Facebook) owns the messaging app that allows users to communicate with each other. In June 2020, when the company announced a new change in WhatsApp privacy policy, everyone was panicking but at the end most of its users still stick with them even if they use other WhatsApp alternatives.

Don’t even think about it, there isn’t a day that goes by that you don’t use one of the big techs. And one I can do without is Google. I need all the information I can get. So staying without Google was thick. To cut the story short I couldn’t do almost a week. I could, I resent myself from such, of course, they’re others like Microsoft Bing, Yahoo, Duck Duck Go, and others. But the truth is I just love Google products; I’m biased, of course not. Maybe that’s how my mind works. The funny thing about living without the big tech is that you’re free, you won’t be thinking about something online or a post on Facebook. I can stay months without going to status on WhatsApp.

So, how did we get here? I decided to put on the show for a week, so I deactivated my Facebook account, Amazon was already in isolation, my Microsoft account was connected to my Laptop and my file was lite; there wasn’t enough task for that week, so I just kept it out. Apple; sorry I don’t own any Apple devices, but I’m planning to get one. The one that got me was Google, it’s hard to let it go, and Facebook was by far the easiest — that didn’t even take long. But I kept using WhatsApp I don’t want to miss out on important information from my peers.

But the truth is that we just can’t live without the big tech, because if we were doing this, and not using any of their services; our smart devices might shut down (both Android and iOS). All the same, we’ll have to disconnect everything associated with big tech, from their cloud hosting — Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure to their smartphone and laptops. Their cloud hosting service host many other big tech businesses like Netflix, So if we won’t be using it I’m pretty sure we’re very much fucked up.

In 2019, Kashmir Hill, a formal investigative reporter at Gizmodo, and now tech reporter at The New York Times conducted a six-week experiment living without the 5 big tech giants. And she has something to say about that’s — “The big thing I learned is that it’s not possible to navigate the modern world without coming into contact with these companies.” Living without Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple she reported that it was impossible.

Here are 5 deep reasons you can’t live without big techs.

It also seems impossible but it is awkward, I can’t just stay in a country and never touch any device and that’s hard-hearted, to be frank, I can do that; maybe not, I don’t know yet. But here are 5 reasons you really can’t live without big tech.

  1. They owned all the major apps and tools

Google, Facebook, and Microsoft owned most of the popular apps on the internet. Many apps use Amazon servers to host their content. Google Cloud host all the important and communication tools like Gmail, Microsoft Azure kept all its apps and software like Office. Meta (formally Facebook) communication family of apps; WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook use their own server. So when they shut down everything follows. Just like the recent Facebook downtime we saw in October.

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  1. Three of which control the cloud

Microsoft, Amazon, and Google hold the major share in cloud hosting, and big streaming service and popular business use their cloud to keep their content online — with the like of Netflix using Amazon servers. Living without these three companies will reduce sites, apps, and businesses you can access.

  1. The den of information

Information is everything and Google has plenty of it with its sleek design, navigating the site will let you capture the info you’re looking for. Google has the major share of search traffic in the world, which means most users refer to Google when a piece of information is needed.

Students, educationists, and everyone from all works of life use Google to search for information and also read the news from their popular Chrome browser.

  1. Communication is another thing

Yeah, they’ve got it all, except you’re texting your family and friends with SMS — business is somehow limited. With the likes of Google, Microsoft, Facebook now Meta, Apple, and Amazon all have a say in this. Facebook boasts more of communication with family and helping very one feel connected. Google, Microsoft, has it for business communication. iMessage can stick with family and friends. And Amazon isn’t up for this; they are consumers friendly.

But here’s where you’re mistaken, most of all the business and tech apps and communication tools use these companies’ cloud hosting services, and this can just be a concern because they handle everything other companies do by supposedly storing their content in their server.

  1. You might want to find another E-commerce platform

This one got me, but everything indeed affects one another. Amazon is the king here, and not only that they also fulfill orders from other big E-commerce sites like eBay as said.

Kashmir Hill said when she ordered an item off eBay instead of Amazon, only to have it show up at her door in an instantly recognizable package. The seller had used Amazon to fulfill the order.

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With the major app being Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, and Google, avoiding their service was hell. Facebook was pretty easy, and as a normal note I hardly use the service except of course there’s some important thing I need to do on the platform. Microsoft wasn’t that easy. But Google on the other hand took me through a tough time. And all I can say about this is that living without big tech right now is like living part of you on the internet.

We are seriously living on the internet with all the apps and services these companies provide. But Al the same we can’t live without them, and if you’re using it for your business that’s just the depth of it you surely can do without it.

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