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Smart Gadgets & Devices That Have Changes Our Lives

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The technological industry has advanced rapidly over the last few decades. Around thirty years ago, internet use was mostly associated with IT professionals or educational institutions. The concept of in-home computers was unheard of. But as inventions and innovations gained momentum, several new technologies came into existence and eventually became an integral part of our lives. These are best smart gadgets

Smart technology is one such invention. Today you have smart devices and apps for numerous purposes. If you want to watch Cox cable or any other on-demand content, smart TV is your best bet. Similarly, if you wish to keep track of your calorie intake and sleep quality, smartwatches can help you do that conveniently. In short, smart technology has permeated many aspects of our lives and thus revolutionized the way we function. Let’s see how.

Top Smart Gadgets & Their Uses

#1. Smartwatch

Wearable tech is among the most readily accepted and widely adopted smart technology. A popular example of it is the Apple Watch. It can serve several purposes, health and fitness tracking being a major one.

Smartwatches help the user track heart rates, steps, and other metrics. You can also pair it with services and apps that motivate you to be in your best possible shape. In other words, it allows the user to use the data from these devices to improve their quality of life.

#2. Smartphone

A smartphone is mobile with advanced features. It includes Wi-Fi connectivity, a high-resolution touch screen, web browsing capability as well as the ability to run sophisticated apps. They also have more RAM and a stronger CPU as compared to a regular cell phone. Smartphones can function on most of the popular operating systems such as Android and iOS among others.

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The latest versions of smartphones have lower power consumption and higher processing speeds. This means you can play 3D games, surf the web, and text for much longer than you did on previous versions.

Apart from these user-friendly features, smartphones today also have innovative sensors such as gyroscopes and accelerometers. The former allows motion-based navigation in games while the latter helps display screens in the landscape as well as portrait mode.

#3. Robot Vacuum Cleaner

A robot vacuum cleaner is a device that can significantly reduce your cleaning burden. Ecovacs, Dyson, and iRobot are among the most well-known brands in the robotic vacuum market. Deebot by Ecovacs is one of the most commonly used vacuums in the US. The three-dimensional home cleaning device is capable of detecting and navigating obstacles. It also empties its dust bin automatically. The vacuum has different cleaning modes. You can select according to your flooring type. Thanks to its pre-set option and intelligent time-scheduling, you can set it to clean your floors even when you’re not at home.

#4. Smart TV

Smart TV is also known as hybrid TV or connected TV. This is because it has many interactive features, similar to internet services. These include the ability to view photos, stream videos and music as well as browse the internet. All this is made possible with a set-up box or with internal technology that has an operating system capable of commanding and controlling these features. A simple example of smart TV technology is television that allows streaming from sources like Hulu and Netflix.

#5. Smart Air Purifier

A regular air purifier pulls in polluted air from a room, runs it through the filters to purify it, and then releases it back. A smart air purifier does all this but with additional features and benefits. A smart air purifier has air quality sensors owing to which it can track the air quality in an office or home. The sensors detect particles like dust, smoke and more in real-time and relay the data to your smartphone. Some smart air purifiers have LED lights that change color depending on the level of airborne particles. If the level of particles is high the light may turn red. Similarly, if there aren’t any particles present, they will turn blue or green.

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Other than monitoring air quality, smart air purifiers have many more unique features. These include easy integration with Google Home and Alexa, real-time updates, and control via mobile app.

#6. Other Smart Home Appliances

Smart kitchen appliances have considerably improved the user’s quality of life which is also part of smart gadgets. The smart oven lets you pick a recipe from its recipe band and preheats it to the right temperature. The smart dishwasher allows the user to monitor cycles via their smartphone remotely. You also have smart smoke alarms that detect potential threats and ring alerts. Other useful smart household appliances include a smart fridge, smart kettle, smart toaster, and smart sockets.

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