Some of The Reasons Why You Need To Buy The Apple iPhone 11


In this article we will talk about why you need to buy the iPhone 11. The iPhone 11 is a sequel to the iPhone Xr. The phone Xr is the best selling iPhone from last year’s X series it was termed the budget iPhone with starting price at $750.

This year apple is brought the iPhone 11 with the much-needed upgrade. Among the new line up of iPhone, the iPhone 11 is the one with the ideal upgrade.

There are a lots of similarities between the iPhone Xr and the iPhone 11 some users might think that the upgrade on the iPhone 11 is a minor upgrade.

However, the new iPhone 11 has some specifications that keeps it a year ahead of the iPhone Xr. In this post, we will explore all the upgrades. And why you need to buy the iphone 11

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Apple iPhone 11 Specs

  • Display – 6.1 inches 828 x 1792 pixel resolutions IPS LCD Screen, 120Hz touch sensing.
  • Processor – Apple A13 Bionic Chip. (7nm+)
  • RAM – 4GB.
  • Storage – 64,128 or 256 GB.
  • Software – Apple iOS 13.
  • Primary Camera – 12MP (main wide-angle), 12MP (ultra-wide angle)
  • Front Camera – 12MP camera with HDR, 3D ToF camera.
  • Security – Face ID through dedicated true depth camera
  • Battery – 3110 mAh battery, 18W fast charging, Qi fast charging
  • Price – $700 (#252,000)

Why the iPhone 11 is The Right Choice

Camera Upgrade

buy iphone 11


The iPhone Xr had only one 12MP shooter on its rear. The iPhone 11 is coming with a second 12MP camera to improve photography.

The front camera also got an additional 3D ToF camera for improved facial recognition and portraits.

The 12MP front-facing camera of the iPhone 11 comes with a wider 23mm an upgrade from the 33mm in the previous XR model.

Another important upgrade is the availability of night mode which comes with the A13 Bionic Chip. The iPhone 11 snaps low light images excellently but only with main camera, the device doesn’t snap night mode pictures with the ultra-wide camera.

A13 Bionic Chip the Fastest in the World

The Apple iPhone 11 runs on the latest Apple A13 Bionic Chip according to different benchmark it scores the highest.

This makes it the fastest processor in the world. The A13 has 8.5 billion transistors and it’s built on 7nm+ process.

Improved Battery Life And fast Charging

Battery life has been improved throughout the iPhone 11 line up. The iPhone 11 has a 3110mAh battery it’s a slight upgrade from the iPhone Xr’s 2940mAh battery.

Apple adopted a smart battery system that allows their battery to last longer.

The iPhone 11 comes with 18W fast charging capabilities but inside the box, Apple does not include an 18W fast charger they ship the phone with the old 5W charger meaning you will have to spend at least $50 to get the 18W fast charger.

Surprisingly you will get 9hrs more of battery life if you are coming from the iPhone XR even though it’s a minor upgrade.

iOS 13 experience

Outside the box, the iPhone 11 runs on the latest iOS 13. This brings the latest updates which include the system-wide dark mode, battery life improvements.

Face ID is faster. There are updates in a couple of default apps like maps, photos and a more detailed control on location access.

If the iPhone XR is your daily driver then you should upgrade to the iPhone 11 as it is a worthy upgrade. If also you are looking for the most affordable iPhone then the iPhone 11 is what you need.

Battery life, software and camera update on the iPhone 11 has made it my favorite among all the new iPhones. Its right that you buy the iphone 11.

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