9 Samsung Galaxy A Series to be Launched Soon in 2020


The Galaxy A series from Samsung mobile came into the trends and came into the market at the early moments of the last year, 2019.

These series are well known and there are well recognized all over the world especially in Indian. The Samsung Galaxy A50 was announced in February last year, the Samsung A50 is officially Europe’s best-selling smartphone according to Kantar.

So this year, things will turn out to be really great have we looking into things. Samsung will be launching a bevy of the Galaxy A series this year as well but just that there will be a slow down in the production of the A series since we have dozens of them.

According to some images from a Techie on Twitter, we have some of the Galaxy A-Series that will be released this year and we have exactly 9 of the next. Check the images below


Meanwhile, details and specifications about these devices are not around yet. But, based on the images, these new A-series will succeed after the previous year’s releases. Specifications and news and more should come in soonest.


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