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GadgetStripe CEO Oke Charles Ifeoluwa
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2019 has really been a great and amazing year, especially in the Tech World. Also, 2019 has also been a great year for Gadgetstripe and We Believe That Gadgetstripe Family Had an amazing year too.

The tech world in 2019 has been an incredible year as we see all new great innovations that were announced and released all over the world.

Also, 2019 has been the year a good year for Gadgetstripe. That cannot be said if not for our great lovers and readers that come for the latest tech updates.

Gadgetstripe has tried to make sure we keep you all updated with almost all of the devices announced and released devices in 2019.

But, if you feel that Gadgetstripe didn’t add some articles related to gadgets and you felt it is not added. Do not worry 2020 Gadgetstripe will do more and also you can send us some things you feel or want to know via the Contact Us page.

In 2019, we saw what Samsung Did starting from the Galaxy S10 devices straight down to the Galaxy Note 10 series which I would say is my best smartphone for me in 2019 tho it is in tide with the Asus ROG Phone 2.

We saw what OnePlus did with the 90Hz refresh rate display on the Oneplus 7 device which took waves and later on saw devices coming out with better displays with better refresh rates.

Well, I am not here to talk about what the companies have done and released this year but to thank you all readers and fans for 2019.

What You Should Expect in 2020

I said 2019 was a very great year in the Tech world, especially in the mobile phone world as we saw a lot of new things happening around in the smartphone ecosystem and more.

2020 is just going to be more amazing than in 2019. We would see more from Apple iPhones, more from Samsung Galaxy S series and the Note series and even the A series that took a turn from the J series.

Next year we would see a more great thing from Xiaomi more from Tecno Mobile and even from Infinix mobile the two most trusted and well-known brands in Africa.

We will see a lot of great things from all of these brands and even more brands in the coming year.

GadgetStripe is very ready to give you all of the updates at the right time and as early as possible just like we did this year and next year will be much better and faster.

All You Need To You Is To Come Back To And You Will Have All You Looking For And It Will Be More Than What You Could Think Of.

Thanks Once Again.



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