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The Best Apps for Entrepreneurs – Grow Your Buisness

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As an entrepreneur, time is the most essential thing you need to manage correctly to stay on top of your business. So, we are going to be talking about the best apps for entrepreneurs – Apps that all entrepreneurs should have on their phones and how they can help you manage your business. These apps will help you stay organized and also help you to manage some aspects of your business.

Before the start of the global pandemic, most business owners didn’t see the need of using apps to manage their business. This was because you could be in different places at different times. Right now, as a result of the pandemic, many people have started utilizing online apps and tools to keep their businesses organized and profitable.

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Entrepreneurship cuts across various categories its but the core principle is giving out the value in exchange for cash. It might not necessarily be buying and selling it can even be in form of educating others in exchange for money. Although there are many apps we narrowed down the top 10 most necessary apps that you will need as an entrepreneur. These apps will cover the most important aspect of your business and help you stay in control. Well, let’s get started with the list of apps all entrepreneurs must have.

Top 10 Best Apps All Entrepreneurs Should Have in 2021


Promo is the best online video maker tool to create various types of video content. Promo aims to help and grow startups, businesses, entrepreneurs, and agencies. One of the factors that help to skyrocket business is video marketing. With Promo, you can easily make video ads, product videos, explainer videos, and a lot more. Promo helps widen the reach of business, engage viewers, and attract possible customers. Not being an expert and having no experience in video creation is not a problem. Promo has ready-to-use templates for any business type.

Promo is a great tool that all entrepreneurs must have


Slack is the first app on the list of apps all entrepreneurs should have. The Slack App is an app that allows you to come together with other people that work for you. with the app you are bound to stay in touch with your team and make decisions instantly. You can also integrate other apps into slack which is awesome. Using slack, you can create public and private channels of communication. You can also share important files and documents with your team members. Slack is used by over 4 million business-oriented people monthly. If you have a large team that you constantly need to checkmate then using slack will help you keep up to date with your staff.


The podcast is a very useful app and it will help you stay up to date with happenings in the business world. There are a lot of entrepreneurship podcasts that can help guide you through the journey of becoming a full-time entrepreneur. It can serve as a platform that you go for mentoring and motivation.

You have the opportunity to hear from expert business owners and top CEOs by listening to their stories and learning how they effectively manage their business and time. For example, there are podcasts available where you can listen to Elon Musk and how he started his multi-billion-dollar enterprise from scratch. Podcast is a very important app that will help take your journey to the next level.


This is another audio-sharing platform but instead of podcasts you can stream and listen to books written on entrepreneurship. There are books that cover various topics about being an entrepreneur and all the aspects and hassle of running a business. This is a very important tool because there are many books you can read and it will answer some questions that are in your mind. Make sure you enjoy the books here

Evernote Best Apps For Entrepreneur

Evernote is more like a 10 in one app because you can set reminders, take quick notes, save web pages, capture images and create a to-do list. This app is one of the most important apps needed by an entrepreneur. The life of a business owner revolves around taking notes setting up reminders for meeting and other important things or even saving important files where they can be easily accessible. Evernote allows you to do all that in a grand style and it has over 1 million downloads on the play store. This app is most have if you want to stay organized as an entrepreneur.

Grammarly Keyboard

No CEO wants to be sending out messages with sentence and grammar errors well that where this app comes in. Grammarly app checks your spelling mistakes and also makes sentence corrections. I personally use the Grammarly extension on chrome and it corrects my mistakes before I send any message. The app is available for IOS and android and it works really well. I’ve been using it for almost two years now and I really like it.  To avoid any spelling or sentence errors make sure you download this app. The way you sound as a business owner will determine how serious your clients will take you.


Zoom has been one of the breakthrough apps of the pandemic and it is because you can have a conference call with a lot of people at the same time. Many companies used this as a means to come together and talk virtually. Zoom is one of those apps that is here to stay and it is not going anywhere. It brought out new methods of managing a business at home. With zoom, you can share organizational goals and also see how your team is working towards achieving them. I can’t overemphasize the importance of zoom because even schools used them as a means of communicating with students during the pandemic.


With canva you can design flyers, posters, and any other design that you will need to brand your business. The app comes with templates so creating designs won’t be difficult all you need to do is to add the right font and color and you will get a good-looking flier. Canva has a lot of templates that are free and at the same time, there are some paid ones. You can decide to share your account with your team members and share ideas on how to brand your business. I personally use this app to create thumbnails for my YouTube videos.

Rescue Time

As the name goes this app tries to make sure you don’t waste time doing unnecessary things. This app provides you with insight into how you spend your days. As an entrepreneur staying organized can be a real problem because you have a lot of things to deal with. It can also be used to improve digital wellness by spending less time online. This app has over 500 thousand downloads and it can be useful if you want to keep track of how you spend your time.

To-do List

This app has a cool user interface, to begin with, and there are over 10 million downloads on the google play store. As the name implies the apps keeps you updated with what you plan to do daily. The app keeps you organized by notifying you before the time the next task of the day at hand. This app is very important for time management. Make sure you check it out.


This is one of the most important apps for entrepreneurs with this you can scan files and documents and either turn them into PDF or Jpegs. This software is free and easy to use you open it up point the camera to the document you want to scan and the magic happens. I have personally been using this app and if your business requires scanning and sending documents then this app is for you.

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Final Thoughts on Best apps for All Entrepreneurs

As a business owner, you need these apps to help you be on top of your game. The apps mentioned in this article will help you become more productive, get better at branding and also stay organized. As a business owner, I use some of the apps I listed here and they have been helpful in making me stay in control of my business. Make sure you try the apps here and if you have any alternative apps that you feel we should have added here feel free to comment below.

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