Samsung RAM Plus: What is it And Which Galaxy Device Gets This Feature?

samsung ram plus
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For many years now, it has been impossible to say that there will be a way to increase the ram of our Smartphones as it looks impossible to do that aside from the installed RAM by the smartphone company. This is where Samsung RAM Plus comes in to the rescue.

Samsung RAM Plus uses a portion of the onboard storage that can be used to increase the amount of RAM. When physical memory runs low, Windows allocates a portion of the hard drive’s storage space for use as virtual RAM.

One of the most important features of a smartphone is the amount of RAM and now technology has made it possible and that can be increased through software updates. Samsung, following in the footsteps of a number of Chinese automakers, has introduced Samsung RAM Plus, a virtual memory expansion feature.

This virtual RAM inclusion was first seen on the Samsung Galaxy A52s released in the previous year. Now, Samsung has released the One UI 4.1 and it has even improved things which makes it possible to increase the RAM from 4GB to 6GB or select either option when deciding the amount of virtual RAM needed.

As more Samsung devices are released with the RAM Plus feature, it is possible that this feature will be made available so that users can virtually increase their RAM. At a time this RAM PLus was only available on the Galaxy A52s but now Samsung is giving the chance to add this feature to more Galaxy devices.

What is Virtual RAM?

In the world of Android, the term “Virtual RAM” has been around for a long time. The virtual RAM feature was previously only accessible through the rooting of smartphones, but now companies are providing it via custom software skins. Virtual RAM works by utilizing unused space on the device’s internal storage to provide a supplemental amount of RAM. Virtual RAM, on the other hand, isn’t as useful as real RAM, but it can be used to store apps and data that would otherwise take up a lot of space in the real RAM. There are many ways in which this feature can benefit you, both directly and indirectly.

What Exactly is RAM Plus On Samsung Devices?

On Some devices, the need for a more large storage to run apps is needed and The Samsung RAM Plus is a feature that adds an additional RAM to the device virtually by using part of the Storage (ROM) as a dedicated slot for the increased RAM to make sure apps runs smoothly.

Which Samsung Device Is Eligible for Samsung RAM Plus Feature?

The Following Devices are eligible for Samsung RAM Plus Feature:

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