iPhone 11 and iOS 13 Tips, Tricks – Hidden Features You Must Know

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The iPhone 11 line up and iOS 13 have different tips, tricks, and features that you will absolutely want to know and try out. Some can actually help you email like a pro using way more gestures and a whole bunch of other epic new features.

These features and tricks are applied to all of the iPhone 11 series – The iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max and other iPhones devices that are eligible to run on iOS 13 OS.

Let’s get into it:


Within the maps are some cool new features you would use on a daily basis.


The iPhone 11 comes with a 3D viewing Mapping feature, which is available to iOS 13 devices. Accessing this feature need the user to

  • Search the city.
  • Go over to the satellite view.
  • Click the 3D icon.

You can toggle around within the 3D map, rotate your view and zoom in or zoom out.

It’s really quite interesting and gives you a great sense of the area you’re visiting or you’re currently in. A Pin-down feature was added [the feature allow you to pin down a location and look around], you get an entire 3D immersed experience of exactly where you place the pin.

The look-around feature is restricted to certain destinations.


The biggest new additions to the iPhone 11 are the cameras and their features. The new camera features are:

  • You can toggle between the two lenses on the iPhone 11.
  • Toggle between taking a picture and taking a video easily by simply holding down on the shutter button. You can even lock the video by just swiping right once, click and hold the shutter button.
  • Click and hold to the left of the screen to activate burst shot and once done you can go back and choose out of those pictures which were your favorites.
  • You also get slo-mo selfies.
  • If you put on the backlight of your iPhone 11, it’ll illuminate the frame of your phone.


The previous version of the iPhone lacked quick access features which only Android devices were able to do.

These features are created to make life easier on your phones. Here are some quick access features seriously needed on iPhones.


Right in the control center, are quick access features that you can make use of daily and example is

  • Open the control center, click and hold down on the Wi-Fi button. It opens up a little menu but then again a long press on the Wi-Fi button will get you access to any Wi-Fi without having to go into settings, the same procedure goes for Bluetooth. In the control center and long press on the brightness icon to toggle ON dark mode easily.


This QAF is one that is really interesting to use, it brings out the creative personality in you. Accessing this QAF, happens when saving a contact on your phone and you don’t have a picture of the person.

You click on “add photo” once in there, you will see a little plus icon and if you select that you can now create a meme emoji of your friend. There are so many different features to choose from like the face to camera meme emoji mimics feature. These are possibly some of my favorite new additions.

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Clicking and holding down on any applications pops up a bunch of quick actions that you can select from, just holding down a social messaging app brings up posts and activity immediately.

To rearrange an icon, just tap and hold down select rearrange apps and then you can move apps around just like you always have in the past.


Another quick action is previewing of notifications, a quick swipe down of the notification panel and long press on the notification, get a nice little preview box of the message or email and even you can respond from there. This is something that Android devices have had for ages.


This day and age, not only do we use our devices to make calls and messages etc…. but to type out emails and now you can make your emails look super slick and professional within iPhones mailing apps.

A toolbar just above the keyboard has a whole bunch of epic features which allows you highlight and select some portions of your text, completely customize the way your text looks, change the font (there are a whole bunch of different fonts to choose from), change the color and can also make your text bold, strikethrough, underline and italics.

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There are a bunch of different features to make your email look fantastic from there like add a bunch of extra documents, images attachments, and scan documents.


With the iPhone 11 and iOS 13, you can actually get full page screenshots and what I mean by this if you’re busy browsing the internet or a specific webpage and take a screenshot at the top.

There you will now see this option that says full page, select that and have a screenshot of the entire webpage.


Some quick cool and seriously nasty gestures were included:

  • Instead of scrolling down traditionally, if you click and hold down the scroll bar you can quickly and easily scroll up and down on any page.
  • You want to undo or redo any actions, simply take three fingers and swipe to the left to undo or take three fingers and swipe it to the right to redo.
  • Quick copy and paste gestures, while type something else select the text and then pinch in with three fingers to automatically copy and then wherever you want to paste simply pinch out with three fingers and it’ll automatically paste your text.

Here are the hidden tips and tricks of the iPhone 11 and iOS 13. Comment on your favorite tricks and tips.


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