Infinix Note 6 Review – An Upgrade in The Note Series?

Infinix Note 6 review

It is that time of the year we get ourselves talking about the Note series from Infinix Mobile, last year (2018) was the Infinix Note 5 Stylus, but this year is the Note 6 and this is my Infinix Note 6 Review.

This review for Note 6 tells you all what you should know about this device right from the design performance to the price. Before you buy or if you already bought one this review still goes and will do some comparison between note 6 and note 5.

Infinix Mobile Has been doing great on these devices right from time, we see what Infinix Note 4 also packed, it gives a lot. Infinix made the Note series for both business and personal use.

Note series always comes with a stylus pen which serves different purposes. One main thing I have seen most people do with this pen is to make an amazing drawing or let me say sketch on the device more like this device is a sketch pad you can carry with you.

So, last year the company released the Infinix Note 5  Pro Stylus. This device is the first device from the brand to have the Android One Operating System this is different from the regular Operating System.

Let see what we have on Infinix Note 5 which we will use to compare with the Note 6 device to see if Infinix actually made an upgrade with this device.

Infinix Note 5 Pro Stylus Key Specs

  • 6.0″ FHD+ Infinity Screen IPS
  • 16 MP Rear Camera
  • 16 MP Low-light selfie camera
  • Android One
  • Fingerprint Scanner
  • 4 GB RAM + 32 GB Internal Storage
  • MediaTek Helio P23
  • 4000mAh battery cap

That is all for the Infinix Note 5 Stylus released last year. You can read my Infininix Note 5 Review to know more about the device and you can read about the Android One Operating System to know what it is all about.

Infinix Note 6 Review – The Genius

Infinix Note 6

To start my Infinix Note 6 Review I think it will be cool for me to state out the device specs and see if there is something new compared to the previous Note 5 Stylus

Infinix Note 6 Specifications

  • 6.01 FHD+ AMOLED Display
  • 16 MP Selfie Camera
  • Triple 16 + 8 + 2 MP Rear Camera
  • Face ID
  • Fingerprint
  • 4 GB RAM + 64 GB Storage
  • Android 9.0 Pie
  • MediaTek Helio P35 Chipset

With these specifications, you clearly can see that Note 6 is an upgrade compared to Note 5 released earlier. Now, Let talk about this device and see the in-depth Infinix Note 6 Review in different Aspects

Infinix Note 6 Design

infinix note 6 design

It is sweet and I am happy to break it to you that Note 6 comes in three colors [Midnight Black, Mocha Brown, Aqua Blue]. What the brand did with this is interesting and gives anyone to choose from just a single color like what Tecno did on the Tecno Phantom 9

The real truth is out all these colors the Blue Color is the best. But, what if it is someone who doesn’t love blue as a color? then the person can go for the Midnight Black or the Mocha Brown color variant. But Trust me the Blue color is such an amazing one which is eye-catching.

Another improvement made on the design aspect of this device is the thickness of the device. The previous Note 5 Stylus had an 8.4mm thickness so Infinix redesigns Note 6 To have a 7.7mm Thickness.

About the color variants, I love what the brand did about the color of the XPen. Instead to have a single color for the pen! The color of the pen matches with the color of the device, so if you get the blue variant then you get a blue pen.

The design is not something spectacular or something new if the design is your main goal then don’t come for that on Note 6. On the Side, you have your normal Volume key and power key. The brand did something else on this aspect, they gave the power button a different color.

Infinix Note 6 Display

My next thought is my Infinix Note 6 Review is all about the Display, HMMM!! just like the thickness as a change on the Note 6, Infinix Mobile had switch Away from the normal IPS display they normally use. So, On the Infinix Note 6, there is an AMOLED DISPLAY.

This device has a 6.01 FULL HD+ AMOLED DISPLAY, the Aspect ratio of 19.5:9 and a  1080*2160 Resolution.

The AMOLED Display provides the Note 6 with a vivid display on the go and it has a low power consumption. This display type also enhances your drawing results by making it more colorfully vibrant and gives you the inspiration to do more.

So Infinix added another feature to the device called AOD more like ALWAYS ON DISPLAY. You get to check basic information on your device without having to turn the device and don’t worry about your battery the AMOLED display Handles that.

Infinix Note 6 Review Camera Aspect

A lot of new things and improved specs Infinix is putting on this device. I MEAN COMPARED TO NOTE 5, NOT SAYING HIGH-END SPECS. Just as we see an improvement in the design and display aspect there is an upgrade in the camera aspect.

Infinix Note 6 has a Triple Camera, a 16-MegaPixel main camera at F/1.8 aperture and uses a 5P Lens supported with another 8-MegaPixel ultra-wide camera for 120 degrees picture and uses a 6P lens and the third camera module has 2-MegaPixel for Depth photography.

All of this makes the Note 6 a surprising upgrade from the Infinix Note 5 Stylus released in the previous year, Infinix had really make some nice improvement which I will personally commend the brand for coming out with this but they can do more.

On the Front Module, this device has a 16-MegaPixel just like the Note 5 Stylus but it is well improved with 3D Beauty, AR Emoji and it has an Advance AI Feature which intelligently optimizes your photography.

Storage Options And Performance

Talking about the Storage in the Infinix Note 6 Review is not an option I have to let you know that it has two times the storage of the last year note 5 stylus. A 64 GB Internal Storage with a 4 GigaByte Of RAM.

A MediaTek Helio P35 Chipset with a 12 Nanomemeter Manufacturing Process is installed on the Infinix Note 6. With this, it has a 2.3GHz Speed count and this has a count of 8-Cores on the CPU.

The speed in opening applications and games is top notch and more to it is the navigation between the open apps it is fluid. But do not miss this, that it doesn’t keep apps in memory for too long but it does keep them in memory for some time before it closes them.

But all the same, the user experience is a great one and definitely would suit your need but do not expect a high-end performance on this device.

Infinix Note 6 Review Few Things That Can’t Be Left Out

Infinix Note 6 had come from the Box with Android 9.0 Pie and it has the XOS 5.0 Skin built on the device. This is different compared to the last year Note 5 Stylus which has Android ONE.

Battery life is always great on Infinix smartphones and so is this one, You’d get a 4000mAh battery on the Note 6 which Infinix claims That it lasts for 3 days and it also supports XCharge for swift charging. The AI battery lab app optimizes power management intelligently according to various scenarios.



The main significance of the Note Series is the Xpen and it gets improved every year actually. Infinix Said

The newly upgraded X Pen combines AI and AR technology to redefine the fun of drawing experiences that go beyond the norm. It empowers your inspiration with a whole new perspective to generate genius ideas.

With this XPen, there are lots of cool things you can try out and use with this pen on the Infinix Note 6 and have fun while you work.

Price Can Never be excluded. The price for the Infinix Note 6 is just N65,000 which I personally think it is cool and it worth it with these specifications and features.