A Blockchain Company Tackling Hypertension in Nigeria

Tackling Hypertension

Lagos, February 2022.
Non-communicable diseases such as hypertension and cardiovascular diseases
are the leading cause of mortality around the world. More than 1billion people live
with hypertension and 10million people die every year as a result of hypertension
and its related illness. Hypertension can go undetected for years and often it is not
captured at a basic health level.

According to data from the world health organization (WHO), Africa has the highest
level of hypertension with about 30% prevalence. Also, it has become increasingly
common among young adults in Nigeria. More than 20 million adults between ages
20 to 60 years have hypertension. The highest percentage distribution falls among
people between the ages of age 24 and 49 years old.

Asides from genetic proneness, there are a few other factors that promote high
hypertension prevalence in Africa. They include illicit medications, lifestyle habits,
lack of awareness, and inadequate technology solutions to take advantage of data.
Illicit medications are either counterfeits or sometimes expired drugs; these two
lead to adverse effects such as treatment failure and injuries and sometimes death.

HeartNet is introducing an innovative approach to manage the scourge of
hypertension in Nigeria and across Africa by leveraging a blockchain technology,
otherwise known as Decentralised Application (DApp), to eliminate counterfeit
medications through a Digital Twin paired with NFTs.

HeartNet is taking a revolutionary technology that continues to grow, and is
adapting it to a real-life problem in healthcare, helping to guarantee access to
quality medications and treatment and also it assures consumer protection through
its DApp. A feat many blockchain companies aspire to achieve.

“Our vision is to lower hypertension prevalence rates in Africa from 30% to under
10% within the next 3 years”, says Akinsanya Olayemi Joshua, the CEO and co-Founder at HeartNet. The team behind HeartNet previously built AI and speech analytics startup which had operations in Germany and Finland.

Heartnet founders

HeartNet also aims to replicate its success for Malaria and other common NCDs
and “when we have successfully done these, HeartNet would have eliminated
billions of dollars in economic loss due to counterfeit drugs, while re-empowering
and protecting customers in the Pharma value chain”.

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