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Top 10 Best Customization Apps For Android Phones 2021 – 2022

Best customization apps for Androids
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Android phones over the years have seen drastic improvement. You can virtually do anything with it. The OS also gives you the liberty to customize it the way that suits you. How is this possible? Some apps help you run that without breaking a sweat. Apps like best customization apps on Android.

There are varieties of apps that help you customize your Android phone. With these apps, you can carry out customization on phone icons, keyboards, launchers, and many more. Some apps help you do more than customization, they help add beauty to the display of your screen.

These best customization apps for Androids are apps I hand-picked from the Google Play Store. Mind you, there are other apps that help in customization. However, I find these apps a little better. Because of their robust features. Without wasting much of our time let’s check these apps out.

Best 10 Customization Apps For Android Phones 2021 – 2022

1. Nova Launcher

Nova launcher is one of the popular apps around. It comes with tons of features that help give your Android phone the best customization it needs. Features like Gestures, App drawers, hidden apps, and lots more. Nova launcher also comes with a lot of themes. You are free to choose from these themes and use them to give your phone a personified look. The app is free. However, if you want to unlock the other features of this app you have to go pro and that will cost you a bit.

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2. Zedge

Zedge is another best customization app. The app comes with amazing HD wallpapers you can choose from to display on your phone screen. Apart from the awesome wallpapers, the app is also equipped with wonderful ringtones for you to choose from. You can select any of the ringtones as a custom ringtone on your phone. If you are looking for an app that with good ringtones and awesome wallpapers get Zedge. The app is free. But it also contains an in-app purchase. Mind you, the app has these annoying ads. But is still a good app.

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KWGT is one app anyone who loves widgets must get. I know a lot of people don’t like widget apps because they claim it drains their phone battery. However, if you are a widget lover, this app might just be the best for you. KWGT app is equipped with amazing features that can help give your phone awesome customization. On this app, you get about a thousand widgets on the featured section, custom text with wonderful colors. 3D  flip transformation, Google fitness support, and a lot more. And the app is free. However, if you want to enjoy its full features, you have to pay for the in-app purchase. You can also download KWGT little brother KLW if you love wallpapers. And both apps can help give you the customization your Android phone needs.

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IFTTT is an exceptional app that lets you connect your apps and enjoy a seamless experience. The app works with over 630 apps.  You can use the IFTTT app to control almost everything. It also gives you the freedom to create a series of actions. You can streamline your social media, backup, and share your Android photo automatically. These are the few things this app can do. It’s free to download but to get its full features you have to purchase the app.

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5. Viral-Free Icon Pack

Viral comes with tons of wallpapers you can select from when you wish to customize your phone. The app supports over 30+ Launchers. Apart from the wallpapers, it also comes with classic and vintage designs with dark-styled and sleek icons. This app is good for those who love customizing the icons of their Android phones. Other features found on this app include tapping to send icon requests, dynamic calendars which are the icon for the calendar changes each day. Wonderful color palettes are some of the features you get on Viral. However, not everything on Viral is free you have to pay for some features before you can use it.

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6. Navbar App

Are you tired of your boring Navigation Bar? Make it look nice by using Navbar. This app is one of the best customization apps that will help transform your phone’s navigation button. With Navbar, you can change the color of your navigation bar to any color you want to. It also allows you to add nice images as your navigation background. The Navbar app is free to use and comes with an easy understanding interface.

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7. Muviz

Muviz is one of a kind app that displays music visualizers on your phone’s navigation bar or status bar. This app help give your phone a new unique look. The app offers you tons of visualizer designs to choose from when you wish to change the design of your phone. Also, the design catalog is constantly updated to give a lot of design options to choose from. Muviz is not free like others on this list of the best customization apps for Androids. It contains an in-app purchase. The app has over 1million downloads already. Which tells you that is a must-have app.

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8. Cornerfly

Cornerfly app is for those who wish to customize the square screen shape of their phones. As you know recent Android phones usually come with curve shapes, but the screen is always squared. So if you want to make your display look curved, that is the job of corner fly. The app helps give you the curvy display you want to have. The app is simple. To go premium you have to pay for it in the app. In addition, the Cornerfly app contains other features you can use to customize your phone.

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9. Stylish

The Stylish app is a well-loaded app that comes with amazing features to help customize your Android phone. The app gives you the freedom to customize your phone the way you want it to be with its various tools at your disposal. With the Stylish app, you can change the navigation bar, add a custom battery indicator, change background image and color, switch colors, and so on. There is a lot you can do with this app.

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10. Bottom Quick Settings

Getting to the native notification bar on your Android phone might be hard sometimes. But you can solve that issue by installing this app. The bottom Quick app helps you customize your display and brings the notification bar to the bottom of your screen. Which is quick, smooth, and fast. Apart from bringing the notification bar to the bottom of your screen, the app has other tools to further help in customizing your phone to your desired taste.

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Final Words On Best Customization Apps For Android Phones

If you haven’t started enjoying the beautiful things your Android phone can do, start by installing any of the listed apps above. You can use this app to change the way your Android phone looks and can add more spark to the phone display. Other apps also help in customizing your Android phone. However, these are the ones I found nice. Let me know what you think about these best customization apps in the comment box.

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