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Top 5 Apps To Buy And Sell Bitcoin in Nigeria

apps to buy and sell bitcoin
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Mobile phones have made everything easy for users to do including buying and selling digital currencies. This article is focused on the best apps to buy and sell bitcoin for anyone anywhere or in Nigeria.

As you know the real investment is now online. And since its invention in 2008 by the group Satoshi Nakamura, Bitcoin has never looked back. As you also know the world has embraced this cryptocurrency which is now used in almost every sphere of life.

The apps we have mentioned in this article are free to download and are available for both Android and iOS devices so, irrespective of the device you are using you will be able to install the app and buy or sell your bitcoin without hassle.

Another convincing part about these apps is that the apps can also be used to trade other cryptocurrencies. These apps to buy and sell bitcoin we’re selected on the base of simplicity and a high level of security so you can be sure you are safe. Let’s check them out.

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Top 5 Apps To Buy And Sell Bitcoin in Nigeria

1.    Binance

Binance is one of the most reliable exchanges in terms of buying and selling Bitcoin in Nigeria. It has a peer-to-peer marketplace where you can connect with Nigerians and trade Bitcoin. The platform is trusted by a lot of Nigerians, but you have to complete KYC validation before having access to the various trading products. You can use the app in over 180 countries in the world, and it has two-factor authentication to protect your Bitcoin and other digital assets. The app has over 40 million visits every month.

2.   ByBit

ByBit is another crypto exchange available in Nigeria where you can quickly trade Bitcoin. They also have a P2P market where you can sell or buy Bitcoin to Nigerians. Bybit is one of the fastest-growing platforms in the world, and it has a considerable audience size. You can also trade your Bitcoin and other assets on the platform without any Verification, no KYC is required. It is one of the best apps to buy and sell Bitcoin in Nigeria

3. Busha

Looking to buy and sell Bitcoin in Nigeria Busha app is for you. You can buy bitcoin and also sell instantly using your bank card with no stress. Busha allows users to buy, swap, and manage their digital currencies. With zero transaction fees, and guaranteed security of your crypto assets you know this app is worth installing. An amazing user interface that can be used for both novice and beginners. Install and start to trade.

Download Busha on Android and IOS.

4. Koinal: Apps To Buy And Sell Bitcoin

Koinal app helps you buy and sell bitcoin in a simple three steps. Yes, just three steps. You can buy using your credit or debit cards and also have your currencies deposited in your wallet fast and in a secure many without any extra charges. The app is basically designed for beginners by eliminating the long process they will have to follow in other apps. The security level is great. So you know your assets are well secured.

Download Koinal on Android and IOS.

5. Bitstamp

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned investor, Bitstamp offers you all you need in building a nice trade portfolio. You can buy and sell bitcoin using this well-designed app. On the app, you can buy and also sell using your bank credit or debit card. And the transaction is instant. The developers have users in mind so they designed its dashboard to be simple and easy to use. You can also trade other cryptocurrencies on the app.

Download Bitstamp on Android and IOS.

6. DigiFinex: Apps To Buy And Sell Bitcoin

DigiFinex is a world-leading crypto finance platform that is well known in many countries of the world. With a proven track record so you can trust them. The app is safe, easy to use, and fast in buying and trading bitcoin. You can buy and sell from your phone wherever you are it’s safe to trade and allows you to manage your assets. With a simple interface and a nice design, you can be sure to have a nice experience.

Download DigiFinex on Android and IOS.

7. IDeyPay

IDeyPay is a mobile app that has its users at heart. On the app, you can buy and sell Bitcoin and other digital currencies with a start amount of as little as $10. You can buy, store and also sell with ease. The platform has a nice security system to help you secure your Bitcoin. You can also set your price per bitcoin to let buyers see your asking price. Both beginners and experts will find the app fascinating because of its nice features.

Download IDEYPAY on Android

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