Tips To Note When Buying A Used or Refurbished Smartphone In 2020

refurbished smartphone

In today’s post, we will be sharing tips and ideas on how to go about buying a used or refurbished Smartphone. Everyone wants to buy the latest flagship device from various top brands.

This is simply because flagship devices come with very good cameras, software, processors, good display and great battery life.

Buying a brand new flagship device will cost as much as $1000 (₦360,000). Most people can’t actually afford that much to buy a Smartphone.

However, it is very good to consider buying a used Smartphone most of the time to save as much cash as you can and also get the maximum satisfaction of using a high-end device.

The only thing that is necessary is when buying a used device is that you have to consider somethings first before making that final conclusion. Read along as I share important tips on how to purchase a used Smartphone.

Tips To Consider When Buying a Refurbished Smartphone


the first thing to consider is the size of your pocket. Your budget actually helps you dictate the kinds of phones you can get within a particular price range. Once you know your budget other things will fall into place.

It’s good to know if you have a flexible budget or not. Your budget will also help you know the kind of specs you will be getting from the range of smartphones within that price generally your budget will help you know what you want.


Another important factor is knowing the right brands to buy. Why this is important is because not every mobile phone manufacturer cares about their older devices. If you are considering to buy an old device you should buy one that is still in touch with the latest trends and can get the latest upgrades from their manufacturer.

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Apple is the most caring smartphone brand as we can see them push updates to iPhone 6s and iPhone SE even though they are very old smartphones from the brand. Other notable brands include OnePlus, Xiaomi, and Samsung.

Buy From An Established Used Phone Seller

It is very important to buy a refurbished smartphone from renowned sellers. There are a lot of sellers in Nigeria who sell used phones. There are also lots of scammers online too one has been very careful.

For instance, Obiwezy is a renowned seller on Instagram. You need to check out the number of people that buy and their feedbacks so as to recognize a legitimate seller. Ask a lot of questions before you buy it is very essential.

Negotiating And Buying The Phone

Once you are convinced that you have a legitimate seller and you already have a phone in mind. Start pricing gradually until its reasonable for you before you close the deal. If you are unable to close the deal feel free to work away from it there are lots of used smartphones out there for sale.

Don’t be in a hurry to buy a used phone no matter how clean it looks. If possible Ask for a guarantee so you can use the phone for some time before making the final payment.

Things To Test Before Buying A Used Smartphone

  1. Battery Life and Strength
  2. Simcard, Micro Sd card Slot And Any buttons on the phone
  3. Check out the Headphone jack
  4. Look out for overheating

Final Decision Verdict On Buying A Refurbished SmartPhone

Although buying a used phone might not look smart most of the time one can get the best deals out of buying used devices.

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You need to carefully check the phone before giving out your money.

This is because you can’t get any guarantees on used phone no matter how clean they might look


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