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Top 10 Best Websites to Sell & Buy Cars in Nigeria 2020

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Selling and buying cars (Both brand new and used cars) got easier with the advent of websites to sell cars in Nigeria. Buying cars in Nigeria can be a difficult task not to talk about selling them. But with the internet, we have seen people build their entire business of buying and selling cars on places like Twitter and Instagram. But in today’s article, we are going to talk about proper websites where you can sell your cars

We have a lot of online platforms where you can sell your cars easily in Nigeria. Technology is making the local market diminish and Nigeria is not left out. Many Nigerians trust these websites, and of course, we did our little background checks before compiling this. you can also check here for the best website to buy cars in Nigeria.

So one important thing is that the online websites for selling cars in Nigeria save you the hassle of taking your cars around to various car dealership outlets. At the comfort of your room, you can browse across the various websites listed below and then book an appointment with the buyers. If you are in Lagos you can check out the best taxi services in Lagos right now. The websites are not listed in any particular order.

Top 10+ Best websites To Sell Cars in Nigeria 2020


This is the leading platform when it comes to selling cars in Nigeria. You can also swap cars with on cars45. All you need to do is visit the website post your car and see the evaluation, schedule an inspection in one of their garage in your city, and get paid immediately. Their service is fast and it saves you the stress of waiting for a buyer in the case of other websites.

Visit Cars45


This is a platform where you can sell or rent cars. It is simply one of the best websites for selling cars in Nigeria. Different vehicles here include trailers, boats, and bikes. Posting your car on the site is free but you can pay to boost your post on the first page. They offer services in almost all the cities in Nigeria. They work with car dealers across the country and this makes it easy for the platform in terms of buying and selling.

visit cheapcars


On Carros, you post your car and add a description for your car to be sold. There are over 25,000 cars listed on the platform and they sell fast. You can use ads to make your car appear on the first page and get buyers fast. The website has an excellent and easy to use interface. Once you launch the site you will see a guide on how to post your car for sale.

visit Carros

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Olist is a trusted online platform where you can buy various goods both used and brand new. You can trade your car on the site as they have a section that is entirely dedicated to buying and selling cars. Depending on your budget you can get a car from a million up to as high as over 10 million. The website is easy to surf and posting your car is very easy.

Visit OlistNg

Autochek.africa (cheki.com.ng)

Cheki is a big platform for buying and selling in Nigeria.  They work directly with car dealers and that is why they have more coverage in the country. You can get a car according to your budget on this platform. They have various locations where they inspect cars before they list them on their platform.  The inspection is free and they help evaluate your car getting a buyer is usually fast on Cheki.

Visit ChekiNg


To sell cars on this platform first you need to sign up and then you list your car with a good description. Naijauto works in different ways to help you get buyers. One of their unique services is that they work with your location to ease the stress between buyer and seller linking up. On this platform, you also get an updated user guide on how to buy different cars and how to maintain a car.  What they offer is different from others.

Visit NaijaAuto


This website was built with the sole aim of helping sell your car. The moment you click on the site the first thing you will read is “sell your car”. The process is the same with others all you do is post your car and buyers will contact you. You can use special ads to make sure you sell quickly. The site offers other services like car rentals, buying and selling of car parts and accessories. You can also sell trucks and motorcycles.

Visit Carmart


This is a different platform because you can sell motorbikes, cars, and trucks. The website has an excellent user interface and it is fast to load. To sell on this platform you need to register and list your car. They are other services available that make this platform unique. You can apply for loans, get insurance, buy spare parts of cars, and even import a car from outside Nigeria. The website is unique and you need to check it out.

Visit Carnaija


Jiji has been in existence for a while we even listed it in our Best Shopping Websites article. It is a platform where you post your car if you want to sell and a buyer that is interested in your car will contact you. Jiji is one of the best platforms to buy used cars in Nigeria. Credibility might be an issue but Jiji has continued to fish out scammers on their platform. If you follow their buyer and seller guide you will not fall into the hands of scammers.

Visit JijiNG

Jumia Deals

This platform is a subsidiary of Jumia and you will see cars listed for sale at different prices. If you want to sell on this platform what you need to do is to post your car and write a description that explains the condition of your car. You can use ads on the website so that you will get buyers quickly. The platform serves as an avenue for sellers and buyers to come together.

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Most of the sites here share similar features but they are the best and safest when it comes to buying and selling cars in Nigeria. they are the most credible right now but you have to trade carefully while trading on these platforms.

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