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The Best Taxi Apps In Lagos For Easy & Fast Transportation

best taxi apps in lagos nigeria
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Taxi Apps have been a global hit in almost all countries and cities. Now, let’s talk about some of the best taxi apps in Lagos, Nigeria. Lagos is one of the fastest cities in the world and it has its own daily dosage of traffic.

Using taxi apps has been one of the best and fastest ways to commute the city. The online taxi service is one of the fastest-growing ventures in the world and in Lagos we have both foreign and local companies that provide this service.

In this post, I will mention the best taxi apps in Lagos both foreign and local. One of the most interesting parts of this article is that some Nigerian companies are actually dominating the space.

Some Of the Best Taxi Apps In Lagos Nigeria



Uber is a very big and popular taxi company with a strong base not just in Lagos. Founded 10 years ago in the United States of America, it has grown to operate in 62 countries and 785 metropolitan Areas globally.

Uber launched in Nigeria ib the year 2014 and it is probably one of the earliest taxi apps Lagos they provide the best services when it comes to connecting drivers and riders all you need is to download their App from the Google Play store or the Apple app store then you can place your order for a swift ride.

2. Bolt


Formerly known as Taxify, Bolt was found in the year 2013. They have a stronghold in about over 30 countries across the world.

In 2017 Bolt was the most used taxi app not just in Lagos but in Nigeria at large as they have services in other states of the country.

The Bolt app allows users to request a ride and set their pick up location payments might be in cash, credit card. Their App is available for both Android and IOS users.

3. Ride Me


Ride Me is a Nigerian based taxi service company. This company has one of the best transport fares in Lagos and it is owned by ATB tech soft.

The Ride Me taxi app is one of the fastest-growing and well-renowned taxi services in Lagos. You can download the App from Google play store or Apple store. Go ahead and start Booking now.

4. Jekalo

best taxi apps in lagos nigeria

Jekalo implies come let’s go in Yoruba. This is one of the best taxi services you can find in Lagos it allows you to share rides with other passengers going the same with you.

The app also works differently from normal taxi service apps. It allows you to search for cars going in the same direction as you unlike the direct booking on some apps.

Jekalo is a very solid taxi service and also doesn’t cost much in terms of transport fares this is why it is one of the best taxi apps in Lagos. You can get the app on the Google play store or Apple store.

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5. Ola Cab


Ola cab is another Nigerian taxi service with its own uniqueness. It is very affordable and the app is also easy to use you can download the ola cab app from the Google play store.

6. Drop

best taxi apps in lagos nigeria


Drop Another awesome Nigerian taxi app that offers some of the best taxi services in Lagos. Drop doesn’t just allow you to book rides for yourself ut does extra by allowing you to transport goods. Which means it can double up as a courier service. The app is available on the Google play store.

7. RideOn

RideOn offers great taxi services within Lagos. It is quite easy to use the app as you can create a profile from your first usage thereby making it easier to use when next you try to request a ride.

They have some of the best drivers committed to delivering excellent services. It is available for both Android and IOS devices which you can get on Apple store.

My Overall Thought About The Best Taxi Apps and Services In Lagos

The taxi app services seem to be a growing industry with lots of options available. This only means that the services will only get better because of saturation in the market which is a very good thing for Lagosians.

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However, we continue to see a lot of complaints from daily commuters about how some taxi apps services are poor and lack good customer care services. Well, with time a lot will improve and these are some of the best taxi apps and services in Lagos

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