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WhatsApp Dark mode and More Upcoming updates

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This is a cross-platform messaging and VoIP service owned by Facebook, Inc. It allows users to send text messages and voice messages, makes voice and video calls, and share images e.t.c

The WhatsApp dark mode is a feature that we have been expecting for a while, and I am a fan of Dark mode (even on the iOS 13).

The dark mode is a new feature design for the WhatsApp messaging app, which allows a user to switch from the traditional palette for dark shades. With this feature activated, it is excepted to emit less light at night. It is available as an option that you can toggle whenever needed.

Why People Prefer Dark Mode on Whatsapp and Other Apps?

There are several reasons why you want to try it.

  • Enhances visual ergonomics by reducing eye strain.
  • Dark Mode interface saves more than 8% screen energy compared to light mode.
  • Dark mode improves the health of smartphone addicts, disguised as slick and modern.
  • Improved Readability

Activate WhatsApp Dark Mode For Android

The dark mode is out now for Android users, to activating the option is simple.
Open the app
Click the options tab at the top right of your screen
Click ‘Settings’
click ‘Chats’
Click ‘Theme’
click ‘Dark’

Activate WhatsApp Dark Mode For iPhone

Activating WhatsApp dark mode is very simple, just make sure you update to the latest version:
Open the app
Click the option tab
Click ‘Settings’
Click ‘Chats’
Click ‘Theme’
Select ‘Dark’

Upcoming Update From Whatsapp

  1. Dark mode will the available to Desktop users soon, it is currently been developed. It will roll out globally.
  2. Self-destructing Messages: an option that will delete messages automatically after a certain period.
  3. A new option that completely hides status updates from muted contacts.
  4. Advertisement: ads will show up when viewing status updates similar to them once you see on Facebook and Instagram stories.

Ways To Extend Battery life in WhatsApp

Activate your device battery saver mode to reduce brightness, background app e.t.c

Activate Darkmode

Switch to Dark shades for you WhatsApp wallpaper, enter ”setting”, choose ”chat” then ”wallpaper”.

Switch Off Whatsapp auto-download of files, just open WhatsApp’s settings and select ‘Data and storage usage’ then choose when media should be downloaded.

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