Apple’s iOS 13 – Quick Gist On what’s Coming With iPhone 11

ios 13

It been on my mind right from iOS 12 to keep you guys updated on the new improvement to the IOS platform, iOS 13 is here.

iOS is the second largest/biggest Mobile platform OS in the world, having Android to be the Top largest.

The iOS 13 beta launched previous weeks, and we all got first look at the features coming to your iPhone at Apple’s WWDC 2019 keynote

It’s changing things for the better….

iOS 13 beta is not for everyone – yet. So, Apple advises all, that the developer beta should be used by “Only” its paid developer community.

The iOS 13 public beta arrives in July

Lot’s of new Features is been added to the iOS Ecosystem, features that change things.

Release Date and Moment of the iOS 13

Been said that the beta release of iOS 13 will be out for developer testing in July.

Different dates has been scheduled for the iOS 13 releases (beta and final).

  • Public Beta:- As for the first public beta release it has been set for July that has been said already. Last year was released in June but got delayed a bit this year.
  • Golden Master:- this will be the final Develop beta release for public to use. It is the the stable version that will be released one week before the final release.
  • iOS 13 launch:- this is will likely to be launched the same time the next iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Mas & iPhone 11 xr is launched. Possibly it might be in mid-september because last year the iPhone was launched on September 17.

The Top 5 iOS 13 New Features Everyone would Love

  1. Dark Mode :-

    This has been on everyone’s mind ever since. We’ve been Waiting for the dark mode feature to come to iOS and Apple brought that along in iOS 12. This is coming to Android Too. You can toggle dark mode straight from the brightness panel

  2. Shared Audio :-

    Have you ever want to listen to what is playing on someone’s phone without having to play out loud? …… That’s what Shared Audio is all about and it is strictly for Apple’s Air pod. So you can connect Two air pod to one Apple’s iPhone.

  3. Ar Emoji :-

    Emoji came along on iOS 12 and it has been a fun thing allowing using to use different emojis, especially in chat. So Apple decided to turns things round a bit by updating the At Emoji on IOS 13.

    So you’d get more lively Emojis on your device, makes it possible to get earrings on your ear, so AR isn’t for just your face only.

  4. Swipe Typing:-

    Swipe typing? This might seem new to iOS, but it been available on Google Keyboard and possible on third party apps.
    This works on Android devices especially if you install SwiftKey Keyboard.
    Swipe typing saves you from tapping on each Letter on your keyboard and now you can just swipe on each letters to complete your words.

  5. Speed :-

    Everybody holds on to their phones longer than they hold key to their homes. It like that for all Platform either iOS or Android.
    So Apple saw that and redefine the speed on ios 13. Check the stats,

  • App launch speed is up to twice as fast according to Apple, and Face ID unlocking will be 30% faster than before.
  • Apple also found a way to make app downloads smaller, up to 60% on average; iOS 12 gave us a faster update, and iOS 13 looks to build upon that.

Those are my favourite Top 5 iOS 13 New features. Trust me there are more than 200 New Features on iOS.

Wait till the stable release is out to enjoy this features.

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