Tecno Spark 8 vs Tecno Spark 7 – All Aspect Comparison

tecno spark 8 vs tecno spark 7
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You might just be about to waste money if you decide to buy the Tecno Spark 8 vs Tecno Spark 7. Read this comparison to understand why I said so. Tecno Spark 8 and Tecno Spark 7 share a lot of similarities with just little features separating both phones. For starters, the Spark 8 is available in retail stores nationwide and it is selling for 60,000 naira or 145 dollars. The spark 7 cost 56,000 naira which is 136 dollars you can save 4000 naira or 10 dollars if you decide to go with the Tecno spark 7.

Now both phones have a 5000mAh battery, a 16MP dual camera, and an 8MP front-facing camera. they both have a 720 IPS LCD and it can go on. It is very difficult to justify why you should spend the extra bucks and get the spark 8. But then let’s dive deeper and find out more. We can’t stand at the bottom of the sea if we want to catch the biggest fish.

Tecno is a big name in the smartphone market in Africa and they have a lot of affordable smartphones. Spark 8 and 7 are typical examples of entry-level devices from Tecno mobile. let’s analyze them and find the perfect one for you.

Tecno Spark 8 vs Tecno Spark 7 – The BreakDown

Design Aspect

Starting with the design I want you to help me decide in the comments your favorite phone between the Tecno Spark 8 and Tecno spark 7. I will tell you my favorite design before the end of this comparison. Both phones have a durable plastic build. We have a glossy finish at the back of the spark 8 that is prone to stains and smudges. On spark 7 we have a more matte plastic finish with a textured pattern that hides the fingerprint stains. The Spark 8 comes with a plastic TPU case to protect the devices while we don’t get that in the box of the spark 7.

Now at the back of the Spark 8, we have two cameras housed in a large cut out that extends to the fingerprint scanner. We have a flash inside the cut-out. There is text Stop at nothing written boldly at the back of the device. the Spark 7 has a minimal look when placed side by side with the spark 8. The camera cut out is easy to relate with because it looks like what we had on the Tecno Spark 7p.

more on the cameras later on. The fingerprint scanner is responsive and you can’t even decide the fastest among the two. They both charge through a micro USB port and also feature a headphone jack. the speaker is at the top here and it’s not the best. They both have a dual sim card and SD card slot on the left side with the volume rocker and unlock key on the right side. What about the display are there any differences?

Display Aspect – Tecno Spark 8 vs Tecno spark 7

Well, they both use an IPS LCD at 6.5 inches with 720 by 1600 resolution. The quality of the display is the same and there is nothing much that can separate both phones in terms of display. Screen to body ratio is the same, pixel density is the same just above 250 pixels per inch. When streaming contents online you get similar colors as well as saturation. Where is the single reason for you to spend 10 dollars more for the spark 8? The display of the spark 8 is more responsive when you’re scrolling through. Both devices are entry-level devices so we shouldn’t expect more than this.

Software and Performance Aspect

Software-wise both phones run on Android 11 Go edition. They but run on HiOs which is techno’s customized interface. Spark 7 runs on HiOs 7.5.0 while spark 8 runs on HiOs 7.6.0. there is a slight difference between the two and the spark 8 has some software features that are not present on the spark.

Performance-wise we have MediaTek Chipsets powering both phones we have the Helio P22 powering the Spark 8 and the Helio A25 powering the Spark 7. The Helio P22 is an octa-core processor from 2018 that is okay for entry-level devices. The A25 is also an octa-core processor but it is not as powerful as the P22. Now both phones with me here have 2 Gigs of ram which is low by 2021 standards. The Spark 7 has 32GB storage space while the spark 8 has 64 GB. Both phones have variants that come with 3GB RAM and more storage space but they will cost more.

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Camera Aspect – Tecno spark 8 vs Spark 7

In the camera aspect, both phones have a 16MP main camera and a secondary 2MP depth sensor. We have an 8MP selfie shooter and ill pair images side by side let me know your favorite pictures between the spark 8 and spark 7

Tecno Spark 7 Photos


Tecno Spark 8 Photos

Battery Aspect

Well, battery life across both phones is superb and we both have 5000mAh across both phones. The battery would last a whole day on both phones. Charging takes up more than 2 hours and it’s better to charge at night while sleeping.

Conclusion – Tecno Spark 8 vs Tecno Spark 7

In terms of design, I prefer the spark 7 and you can read the complete review here. You are better off getting the spark 7 because there is nothing much to separate both phones. The standout difference will be more space on the Spark 8. Otherwise, the display and battery and every other feature are the same. The upgrade is not significant and I will personally keep the spark 7 and save some little bucks. In all aspects let us know your favorite device between the two in the comments. If you want us to compare any devices let us know in the comments as well.

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