Samsung Galaxy A71 Smartphone: Can You Still Rock It in 2021?

samsung galaxy a71

Almost all smartphone lovers know Samsung. Although they have many smartphones, varying from budget-friendly to high-end, the Samsung Galaxy A71 falls in the middle of both categories. Hence, you should consider buying the device.

Today, most users are concerned about just specs of devices (in numbers) but this review will focus on simple functionalities that are not often talked about.

In this post, I’ll show you some unique features of the Samsung A71 that make it a good value for your money.


Superfast Charging System

The Samsung Galaxy A71 comes with a lightning-speed charging system that is superior to most common devices.

In an ideal scenario, it takes about 1 hour 20 Minutes for full charge assuming the battery is dead. At about 45%, it takes about 30 minutes for a full charge.

Clipboard for copying multiple texts or images

On most common smartphones, you can only once on the clipboard. When a new group of texts or images is copied to the clipboard, it replaces the last one copied.

Hence, it is impossible to keep multiple copied texts in the clipboard for future use.

However, on the Samsung A71, you can copy multiple groups of texts in your clipboard while you use them at a later time.

The most recent copied items would be seen first but after it, you’ll see more than 25 other most recent items copied to the clipboard.

An inbuilt video editing tool

On most common smartphones, you have to download video editing apps to edit or make videos.

Even after downloading some of these apps, sometimes, you are limited to certain features while you are encouraged to go premium to enjoy other “premium features”.

Well, the Samsung A71 gives you just what you need to edit and create videos in style. You can filter, cut, or split videos. In addition, you can easily mute background sound and add any other sound. Actually, you can do more on the Samsung A71.

Stunning Camera

The Samsung Galaxy A71 has 64MP, F1.8 main camera, 5MP, F2.2 Depth camera, Macro camera – 5MP, F2.4, and Ultra-wide camera stands at 12MP, F2.2. In addition, the Selfie camera has 32MP, F2.2 spec.

In case you do not know, the Samsung Galaxy A71 captures 4K footage at a very efficient rate.

Long story short, the Samsung Galaxy A71’s camera is crystal clear and better than the regular smartphone cameras.

Actually, Dxomark tested the Samsung Galaxy A71 camera and came out with some interesting results that should further convince you to buy the device.

Dual App Feature

On regular smartphones, you cannot have more than one favorite app on the same device. For example, you cannot have more than one WhatsApp, messenger, or literally any qualified app.

However, on the Samsung Galaxy A71, you can have more than one app.

To illustrate, on the Samsung Galaxy A71, I can have 2 WhatsApp apps with two different numbers on the same device. Or I could have 2 Chrome browsers synced to two different Google accounts if you want.

Most of the other regular smartphones don’t have this feature.

If you want to use the dual app feature, search for Dual app in your settings search…

Final Thoughts

Of course, the features of the Samsung Galaxy A71 Smartphone are more than what is stated here. For example, the device runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 processor, which makes multitasking super-efficient. There are many more.

However, this article highlights uncommon, yet efficient functionalities of the device.

It is also important to mention that surfing the internet is faster on the Samsung Galaxy A71 than on most regular devices. So, if you’re looking to get the best out of the internet and your smartphone, consider buying the Samsung A71 and learn from an online platform like Digital Acce.

All in all, you should enjoy the Samsung Galaxy A71 and get good value for your money.

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