How To Hide & Show WhatsApp Status From Specific Contacts

how to hide whatsapp status

Let Us Examine How To Hide WhatsApp Status From Specific Contacts!!

We all know that WhatsApp is a widely used social media all around the world and its efficiency in communicating with friends and family is extremely great, WhatsApp is packed with so many features and the most commonly used feature is the WhatsApp status and this feature allows you to share photos and videos with your contacts which after a period of 24hrs it will automatically disappear. However, status updates are actually visible to all contacts as default and they can be changed.

Most of us would want to know how we can hide our WhatsApp status from specific contacts, maybe because we don’t want some contacts to see our personal posts. So we have put together guidelines on how you can show/hide your WhatsApp status from specific contacts.


How to Hide Whatsapp Status From Specific Contacts

  1. Open the WhatsApp
  2. Swipe left to the status, at the top-right corner of your screen you will see 3 dots click on it
  3. Select “Status Privacy”
  4. In this step click on “My contacts except”
  5. Finally, select the contacts that you would like to hide from seeing your status then click on the green check-mark at the bottom right corner of your screen and click Done to save changes

That’s basically how you can hide a particular contact from seeing your WhatsApp status.

How to Show WhatsApp Status to Specific Contacts

  1. Move to Status privacy as shown above
  2. Select “Only share with…”
  3. Finally, select the number of contacts you wish to share your WhatsApp status with and click on the green check-mark below and click Done to save your changes

That’s pretty much everything you need to know on how you can show/hide WhatsApp status from specific contacts in just a few taps.

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