Infinix S5 Pro With a Pop-up Camera Might Be Launching Soon in Nigeria

infinix s5 pro
Image from @FisayoFosudo

The previous year 2019, was an amazing year for Infinix Mobile and one of the smartphones that made the year a glamorous one is the Infinix S5 and the Infinix S5 Lite which the company announced and released.

These two devices from the brand are more of a highlight from the company in 2019 although we saw the release of the Infinix S4 and even the Infinix Smart 4 device.

Now, there is a rumor that we will be getting the Infinix S5 Pro device and it might be coming with a pop-up camera. And this will be the first device from Infinix to have a pop-up camera.

What We Know About The Infinix S5 Pro

The Infinix S5 Pro might be the first device to be launched this year from Infinix Mobile in Nigeria and be the first to have the popular pop-up camera module for the selfie pictures.

Now, let’s talk about the specs that might be coming on the Infinix S5 Pro device and you should know that this is just the rumored specs – It might be what we would get on the Infinix S5 Pro or closer to what will on the S5 Pro.

Infinix S5 Pro Display

The Infinix S5 pro will be coming with a 6.6-inch display like the Infinix S5 and we might be getting an AMOLED display type or let say they may stick to the main IPS-LCD display type that has been on the Infinix Smartphones.

Just that there is no form of disturbance on this device – not notch no cut -out, when it comes to the display aspect on this device. Thanks to the Pop-Up camera added to the device.

Well, I don’t think we would be getting a 1080p resolution on this device but let just assume we will be getting a 720p resolution and let keep hope for the 1080p resolution.

Camera Aspect

Speculations had it said that there will be a Triple Lens on the Infinix S5 Pro just like on the Infinix S5 but there will be higher megapixels on the S5 Pro.

For the front, we could get a 32 MegaPixel lens at f/2.0 aperture and this is nowhere on the display. It pops out at the top of the device and this is why we would get a full view display on the device.

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At the back for the main camera, rumor has it there might be a 48MP camera and other 3 lenses for depth sensor, macro photos, and low light images.

Performance + Storage

To my best-known knowledge, this device might come with either MediaTek Helio P35 chipset or the MediaTek Helio P65 chipset. The two chipsets are evidently better and much of an upgrade to MediaTek Helio P22 which is one the Infinix S5 device.

The storage options might also be in two models we could get the 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM or we get 6GB RAM + 128GB ROM just like what they did on the Infinix S5 models.

Battery + Charging and Other

There will be a 4000mAh battery on this device and there should be the fast charging feature added to the device.

The Fingerprint Sensor seems to have taken a new position. Instead of being at the back of the device, it will be under the display just like the Tecno Camon 12 Pro device. This will be the device from Infinix to have an under-display fingerprint sensor.

Infinix S5 Pro Price in Nigeria

The infinix S5 Pro price in Nigeria is expected to be between N50,000 – N70,000 in Nigeria and this is a speculated price. When the device is announced then we can be sure of the price of the device and availability.

These are some rumored specifications about the next device from Infinix – Infinix S5 Pro. The device is expected to launch in the coming month – February 2020. When announced then we will see the true specs of the device.


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