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Infinix Hot 10i Review – Best Budget Infinix Phone?

infinix hot 10i review
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I’ve had the Infinix hot 10i for over a week and this is my complete infinix hot 10i review. I am going to share with you everything that is there to know about this phone. There are two variants of this phone and I have used them side by side. The first variant comes with 2GB RAM and 32 or 64GB storage and it is powered by the MediaTek Helio G25 chipset. The second variant has 4 gigs RAM with 64 or 128GB storage space and it is powered by the MediaTek Helio P65.

The variant with the Helio G25 is the one that was officially launched in Nigeria but if you want better performance the variant with the Helio P65 offers better performance. the device is part of the large infinix hot 10 series family. The Infinix Hot 10T is a better performer than the Hot 10i and if you want better performance you should go for it.

The Helio G25 variant cost 51,400 nairas, but as of recording this video, I couldn’t get the exact price of the P65 variant. be sure to check the description below as I will write the price there. The Helio P25 variant runs on the android 11 go edition while the Helio P65 variant runs on Android 11. Let’s go through all the things you need to know starting with the contents of the box.

Infinix Hot 10i Review – Best Budget Infinix Phone?

Infinix Hot 10i Unboxing

  • 1x Infinix Hot 10i
  • 5 Volts Charging Brick
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Screen Protector
  • User Guide and Manual
  • Plastic Case
  • Xclub Dollar Bill

Design Infinix Hot10i Review

The easiest way to differentiate the two variants of the infinix hot 10i is through the design at the back. we have a textured plastic finish at the back of both phones, but the 2GB ram variant has this straight line on the left side, which is the difference between the two phones. The device is not slippery because of the finish at the back.

it comes in at 6.52 inches just like the OPPO A35 phone and that is compact I will pick it over the hot 10 play in terms of size. There is a responsive and fast fingerprint scanner at the back and it only takes split seconds to unlock your phone. We have two cameras and a quad flashlight at the back of the phone and there is no bump here. It sits perfectly on a flat surface without any wobbles.

At the bottom, we have a micro USB charging port which I feel is acceptable at this price point. There is a headphone jack at the bottom and a microphone for calls. The speaker is placed above the waterdrop notch and this is one of the compromises made on this phone. I find a down-firing speaker more convenient in this situation. We have a notch display on this phone and the bezels are thick on this phone.

The sim and SD cardholder is on the left side while the volume rocker and unlock key are placed on the right side. The phone is not slippery and it has a compact form factor that I like let’s talk about the display.

Display Review – Infinix Hot 10i

We have an LCD here with a 720p resolution. it has the standard 60Hz refresh rate. I find it bright and I always leave it in auto-brightness mode to make sure it’s viewable outdoors. Streaming content on YouTube is decent. the display is responsive to touch, scrolling is swift and timely. We have a waterdrop display here and the bezels are noticeable like I pointed out earlier. The display is curved on the edges and the pixel density is around 300 pixels per inch. The display is decent and it has great viewing angles.

Performance – Infinix Hot 10i Review

The Helio P65 does a decent job of powering the Hot 10i and call of duty runs on this phone, but it heats and tends to show a little lag here and thereafter long sessions. Opening apps is fairly fast and the 4GB of RAM you get on the Asian Model makes it perform better than the version that was launched in Nigeria. The Helio G25 on the Nigerian model is decent but not as capable as the variant with the Helio P65.

Everyday usage is fine on the phone and as long as you are into light usage you will find the phone fast and snappy. Multi-tasking is quite okay not all app restart themselves in the background. In my opinion, performance is decent when you consider the type of people that this phone was made for.


The device runs on Android 11 but the 2GB variant runs on android 11 go edition. We have the XOS 7.5.0 as the user interface. As usual, it came with some apps that can be removed. You still get those intrusive ads as you get with other infinix phones. I have mine set to gesture navigations because I prefer it over the three-button navigation.

There are several features on the notification menu like silent recording, one-hand mode, and dark mode. I am not really pleased with the UI but given the history of the XOS, I will say infinix is really improving the user interface.

Camera Aspect

We have two cameras at the back of the phone and a single camera upfront. The main camera is a 13-megapixel camera and we have a 2-megapixel depth sensor. Here are some pictures shot with the phone.

Battery – Infinix Hot 10i Review

We have a 6000mAh battery and that is one of the major highlights of the phone. It can last for two days if you are a casual user. For heavy users like us, you are guaranteed a day of battery life. Charging here is not fast and you should charge it overnight. The battery Is one of the stands out features of the hot 10i

Who is this phone made for?

The infinix hot 10i is more of an entry-level device and it is made for casual users. People who don’t really make use of their phones all the time. It can also be a backup phone if you have a flagship and you want a second phone to use. Heavy users won’t really enjoy using the variant with a 2GB Ram. If you want the 4GB ram variant link to buy Is in the description.

Rounding Up

The infinix Hot 10i is the latest addition to the ever-growing Hot 10 series family by infinix. It comes with a whopping 6000mAh battery, decent display, and good design. If you get the variant with the Helio P65 then you would get better performance. For casual users, they will be fine buying the variant with the Helio G25. The camera here is not super okay so don’t go buying this phone for camera purposes. Let us know in the comments your favorite feature of the infinix hot 10i.

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