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How to Recover Your PDF or PDF/A Files Using Wondershare Recoverit

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Ever since Adobe introduced the PDF format, it has become a go-to format for proposals, templates, digital books, guides, etc., making it one of the essential parts of your life. PDF/A is a subset of PDF format, and it is primarily used for archiving important documents. Since PDF files contain a lot of your essential data and information, their sudden loss can really give you a panic attack.

So, is there a solution to this problem? Yes, a very efficient data recovery tool is available in the form of Wondershare Recoverit. Once you have downloaded it, you can say goodbye to all your worries about how to recover a deleted file.

Part 1: What Factors Make PDF and PDF/A Different from Each Other?

We have stated before that PDF/A is a subset of PDF, which is used to archive documents for a long time. The significant difference between PDF/A and PDF is the limitations of PDF/A documents. You cannot add audio, video, and executable files in it as PDF viewer will not open any PDF/A files which contain any of these. Photos can be added but need to be embedded into the document along with the fonts to render the documents.

PDF/A is meant to preserve digitally created documents, which is not possible in standard PDF files. In terms of security, PDF allows you to add encryption, user/owner passwords, and many other restrictions. PDF/A does not allow any of these as its primary purpose is to preserve the document for future use. It can become a problem for the other person to view an archived document if PDF/A starts allowing passwords or encryption algorithms.

Part 2: Possible Reasons Behind the Loss of your PDF or PDF/A Files

Now let’s talk about a few significant reasons behind your data loss, especially your essential PDF and PDF/A files. There can be both external and internal reasons behind it. We have mentioned some of those reasons below:

1. Human Error

Human errors play a big role in data loss, mostly due to accidental deletion of files or folders when trying to delete something else. Especially in the case of “Shift + Delete,” the files get deleted permanently, leaving you needing a magical tool to recover them. Other mistakes include formatting disks and external storage devices without proper backups.

2. Hardware Failure

Various parts of your system’s hardware can fail for many reasons and can result in major data loss. The primary culprit behind data loss in hardware is usually hard disk failure where data is stored. It is a fragile part of the system that can be damaged due to overheating, heavy falls, power failure, water damage, or other mechanical reasons. So, you should always have a backup of your essential data.

3. Malware Attacks

Another important reason behind data loss is malware attacks. It includes deadly viruses which can enter your system and spread havoc by infecting and corrupting your essential data. These cyber-attacks can leave you vulnerable to significant data loss.

4. Software/OS Corruption

Shutting down the system without properly closing the software or sudden shutdown of the system due to power failure can lead to software corruption which can cause data to become corrupt and lost. Another form is when the whole operating system becomes corrupt due to a sudden shutdown or improper handling of Windows updates. It can lead to files being corrupted and sometimes being permanently lost.

Part 3: Introduction and Walkthrough of Wondershare Recoverit

Now that we have discussed your data loss and the possible reasons behind it, it is time to hook you up with an ideal solution tool. The best solution to all these problems is Wondershare Recoverit. It is an almost magical tool for data recovery due to its unique features. It offers data recovery in 1000+ formats on 2000+ devices, which means your lost PDF and PDF/A files can be recovered exactly like before.

Wondershare Recoverit boosts an unbelievable 95% data recovery success rate. It gives you the option of Quick or Deep Scan while offering you many filters to pinpoint your search. The filter includes file format, date, size, and all files. You can also search files by inserting keywords. It means all you need to do is select file format as PDF or PDF/A, provide a roundabout date and any keyword you remember regarding the file title. Now, read the walkthrough below to use Wondershare Recoverit and recover your PDF or PDF/A files:

Step 1: Select the File Location

After downloading and installing it, run Recoverit and select the target location displayed on its homepage under the option “Hard Drives and Locations.” If the targeted location is Desktop or a specific Folder, it can be chosen from the “Quick Access” section. After selecting your target location, click “Start” to run the scan.

select a location

Step 2: Finding the Lost PDF/PDFA File

Recoverit will start scanning the location you have selected. To make the process quick, you can use the Filter and change the file format to “PDF” or “PDF/A.” Now it will only show the PDF or PDF/A files, which can be further organized by size and time to help you find your exact files.

scan the location

Step 3: Recovering the Lost file

If you have found your targeted file, you can preview it before recovering it. Recoverit allows you to preview files by double-clicking on the targeted file. After you are sure this is the file, you were looking for, click “Recover,” and save the file in your desired location.

preview a pdf


PDF or PDF/A files hold a very important place in the digital world. Many of your important documents are always in this format, and losing these can be very worrying and troublesome. It can even lead to a significant loss for you or your business. But don’t worry because Recoverit offers up to 100MB of free recovery data, so download it now and get your most important files back.

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