How To Pair Apple Watch With Bluetooth Speaker

How to pair watch with Bluetooth speaker

Pairing your apple watch with a Bluetooth speaker is actually very easy and understandable. We use this wireless Bluetooth speaker mainly for playing music and watching movies, just to have those quality sounds when you are watching movies or playing music.

so we have put together steps that will guide you on how to pair your Apple Watch with a Bluetooth speaker. Pairing it is just like pairing your Android device to a Bluetooth speaker or like your iPhone device to a wireless Apple Airpod headphone. Let’s go into it

How to Pair Apple Watch with Bluetooth Speaker

  1. Firstly, you put your wireless Bluetooth speaker ON or you put your wireless Bluetooth speaker on pairing mode.
  2. Next step you Open or ON your Apple watch and select SETTINGS.
  3. After that a menu will pop up, in that menu, you will see “BLUETOOTH”.
  4. Select BLUETOOTH, it will start searching for a Bluetooth device to pair to or connect to.
  5. The name of the wireless Bluetooth speaker will appear on the list of the Apple watch, then select the name and also it to connect.
  6. If it doesn’t connect and it’s asking for pairing code before it connects then input “0000” it will surely connect.

How to Unpair Apple Watch From Wireless Speakers

When you feel like disconnecting your Apple watch from the Bluetooth speaker or when you are done using it and you want to disconnect the Bluetooth speaker, just follow these easy steps to do so.

  1. Go to ‘Settings’ on your Apple Watch.
  2. You will see ‘Bluetooth’ click on it.
  3. Then click on the name of the device the Apple Watch is connected to.
  4. Finally, click on “Forget Device” to unpair or disconnect your Apple watch from the Bluetooth speaker.

I believe with these steps you will be able to pair your Apple Watch with a Bluetooth speaker easily.

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