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5 Best Websites To Buy Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency in Nigeria

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Sometimes back it wasn’t easy to buy and sell bitcoin in Nigeria. Because with wasn’t that popular. Here we bring you the top websites to buy bitcoin in Nigeria. As bitcoin gained popularity, many Nigerians now see the importance of investing in cryptocurrency. Before we proceed to see the top websites to buy bitcoin and cryptocurrency in Nigeria.

Let’s take a break and see the importance of these websites. You must know that these websites were chosen on the basis of simplicity and security. They have user-friendly interfaces and their security level is quite impressive. So you know your investment is saved.

Just like the mobile apps to buy bitcoin, you must have a wallet before making any purchase on these websites. Wallets can be created on blockchains or by downloading a mobile app. Which we’ve listed the best in the business here. So let’s get down to see these websites to buy bitcoin in Nigeria.

Top 5 Best Websites To Buy Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency In Nigeria With ATM Debit Card

1. NairaEx.com

The biggest bitcoin exchange platform in the country. NairaEx is not an intermediate platform it has its own large stick. Which enables users to buy and sell easily. Users can send funds and receive them directly from the company. In order for them not to be defrauded or scammed. The user interface is quite simple that anybody could navigate around. Just as I mentioned earlier you must have a bitcoin wallet to be able to buy or sell bitcoin on this website.

Visit NairaEr.com.

2. LocalBitcoins.com

Local bitcoins is a peer to peer Bitcoin exchange company. A marketplace where buyers and sellers meet to trade bitcoin. A lot of Nigerians use this website to buy and also sell. The users also called traders on this platform build up and advertisement platform and price for their bitcoin.

Also, the payment method is also included. So buys can read reviews before trading. The website uses an escrow method of payments to help prevent users from scammers. Lastly, for beginners, it is advisable to read the reviews of the trades before engaging to trade.

Visit LocalBitcoins.com

3. Luno.com

Luno is another well known on the list of websites to buy bitcoins in Nigeria. Luno has it’s headquarters in London and runs very well in about 40 countries of the world with Nigeria inclusive. With this website, you can store and also buy and sell using the bitcoin wallet. Buying in Nigeria is now very easy. You can pay with credit cards, bank deposits, paystack, and Gtbank transfer. Luno now supports Ethereum which is the second-largest cryptocurrency.

Visit Luno.com

4. Quidax.com

Quidax is one of the newest platforms to buy bitcoin in Nigeria. It supports bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripples, Litcoin. Quidax is very simple and secure. Even beginners can trade without stress on this website. And payments are done by credit cards.

Visit Quidax

5. Bitkoin.Africa

Bitcoin Africa is a person-to-person trading platform. Which has its base in Lagos? It’s a platform where users can buy and sell and can also store cryptocurrencies. The sole aim of bitcoin Africa is to help Nigerians who are interested in trading cryptocurrencies have a secure and safe platform for trading. Payments are done by bank transfer and using credit cards.

Visit Bitkoin.africa


Paxful can be used to buy Bitcoin in Nigeria using different payment options. The methods include bank transfers, gift cards from Konga or blessing computers, MTN mobile money, and so on. Paxful is a trusted platform in Nigeria, and it is used by a lot of Nigerians for financial transactions.

Visit Paxful


Bitsika allows people to buy Bitcoin easily. The app also allows users to send and receive money with just a few taps. You can pay bills, create virtual cards for online shopping, and more. You can buy and sell BTC using the Bitsika app easily.

Visit Bitsika


Here you have it, the top trusted 5 websites to buy bitcoin in Nigeria. A quick reminder, you will need a bitcoin wallet to trade effectively so creating a bitcoin wallet is important. Someone might as what’s a bitcoin wallet.

A bitcoin wallet is like a bank account for cryptocurrencies where you can run transactions either buying or selling. We know we didn’t mention also so if you have any missing feel free to let us know in the comments box below.

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