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Hello, GadgetStripe fans welcome to 2018 and this is the first post I will be dropping and it is the Gionee X1s review.

You can watch the video review on GadgetStripe’s Youtube channel and you can get to see a full nice video on the Gionee X1s review, you gonna love it.

Gionee X1s Review Introduction

Gionee X1s was released in late 2017 from Gionee and it starts selling in Nigeria Around November 2017.

For real there are lots of great functionalities you can do with this device especially the camera on the Gionee X1s and I am very sure you gonna love using this device.


The first thing I will be talking about in this Gionee X1s review is the camera on the Gionee X1s. It comes with a 16 MP front camera and also a 13 MP Rear camera.

The 16 MP front camera shoots nice pictures and also when recording video you can activate anti-shaking feature to help you record nice video so that when your hand shakes the video doesn’t get disturbed.

Also with the 13 MP rear camera, you can shoot pictures in different modes which include Professional mode, night mode and so on.

You can create GIF images with this camera, you can also take picture of books and translate the texts in that book to another language (It doesn’t translate to all languages that exist), this feature is my best choice.

Again about the camera, the shutter speed is 100% fast but it gets delayed a little when you apply filter before you take the shot.

Lastly, about the camera, you can use it to scan maybe QR code or barcodes and you can directly search that code on the internet.


The design of the Gionee X1s is the second thing I will be talking about in this Gionee X1s Review. To me, the design is so very amazing and beautiful, especially with the curved edge.

You have the Power button and the Volume rockers on one side and on the other side, you have the Sim card slot and also the SD Card slot so you can not open the back casing.


Gionee X1s has an inbuilt memory of 16 GB supports SD Card up to 256 GB and a 3 GB RAM and with this, you have a Quad-Core processor powered at 1.5GHz.

Playing games and even switching between games on this device works so very well and even switching between apps is fluid that’s so great.


Next on the Gionee X1s Review is the display, on the device, we have 5.2 HD IPS screen which is built with a Gorilla Glass.

It has 295 PPI and a 720 X 1280 Resolution. Watching movies gives nice and great display quality (depends on the video quality tho lol).

One major thing is that this device looks bezel-less especially when the screen is off, but hmmm when the screen is On then you gonna see the frame around it.


The battery life on Gionee X1s is also amazing and superb because it comes with a non-remove able 4000 mAh battery.

Playing music and standby can go for more than 24Hours, surfing the internet can last for more than 17 hours and charges for just 3 hours


Gionee X1s runs on Android 7.0 and Amigo 4.0 UI.


Lastly on the Gionee X1s review is the price and the Gionee X1s is retailed at #63,000.

You can buy Gionee X1s here



Pros: Fastest fingerprint scanner also nice speakers to enjoy your movies.

Cons: One problem with the Gionee X1s that I actually noticed is that when playing games the device get hot and when the device gets hot that affects the battery which makes seem it doesn’t last long.

Full Gionee X1s Specification: CLICK HERE



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