Best Apple Watch Apps For Productivity You Must Have 2022

best productivity apps

Most Apple Watch owners don’t know how powerful the watch they have on their wrist is. The Apple Watch has more productive functions than the normal features we use them for. Most only use their Apple watch to text, make and answer calls, play music, check fitness levels, and so on. What if I tell you that your Apple Watch has apps in the Apple store that can help you to be productive. Don’t worry, I will help you with the list of best Apple Watch apps for productivity.

Being productive is what makes our day awesome. A lot plan their day through the old ways. However, most utilize the advantage of advanced technology to make them have a productive day. Some apps can help you to be productive and help manage your day well. Most of us are familiar with smartphone apps.

But a lot don’t know that there are best Apple watch apps that can also help you to bed productive. If you want to use your app watch to its maximum potential, read the post on the best Apple Watch apps for productivity to the end to find out the best Apple Watch apps for productivity.

Top 10 Best Apple Watch Apps For Productivity In 2022

1. AutoSleep

AutoSleep app help to track how you sleep. If you are the one that cherishes your sleep, your Apple Watch can help you out. Mind you a good sleep leads to healthy living and a good performance at work.

This helps track your sleep in two ways. You either wear the watch to sleep where it keeps tabs on how long you sleep or you remove the watch before sleeping and immediately put it back on when you wake up.

The AutoSleep app more than track your sleep. It can also check your heart rate, restlessness, quality of your sleep, and lots more. By using the algorithm. The app works well with Watch IOS 5 and above.

2. Hours Time Tracking

The Hours Time Tracking app is an important app for freelancers, employees, developers, etc. The app helps them keep track of how many hours they need to spend on a project or work. The app comes with features like a visual timeline, smart reminders, reporting features, and lots more.

The UI is friendly, you can easily find your way about it. This time tracking help can help you achieve your targeted goal on a project. The app is free but to enjoy upgraded features you will have to pay to go premium.

3. Audible Audiobooks and Originals

This app allows you to read excellent audiobooks without any restrictions. You can listen to these books with your paired headphones or the watch speakers. The app allows you to browse through a large collection of bestselling books which are arranged in categories.

These books from this app can help boost your productivity level and help renew your mind. You get to listen to books on communication, memoirs, self-care, and lots more. The Audible app is free but comes with an in-app purchase.

4. Pennies

Pennies help keep track of how you spend and manage your money. The pennies help gives you the freedom to set budgets on how you wish to spend your wages. Once you lock in your budget, the app gives you tips on how to spend days and how much to save to achieve your saving goals. In total, the app tells you when to spend and when to save. The Apple Watch app has a colorful display and a friendly UI.

5. Uber

Uber is one of the most important apps for travelers. Uber doesn’t need much introduction, because we all know what the app does. You can order a ride right from your Apple watch by installing Uber. It is very simple and easy to use. You can also rent bikes and scooters. You can also track when the driver arrives to pick you up. Isn’t that great? To get this on your Apple watch, quickly install the Uber app now.

6. Outlook

The Outlook app has a combination of email and calenders apps.
It connects well with Microsoft Exchange, MSN, Hotmail, Yahoo, Office 365, and iCloud. The app learns of your important pieces of stuff and brings to your remembrance what you need to be doing at the right time. You can get urgent mail right on your Apple watch. The app is free but comes with an in-app purchase.

7. iTranslate Converse

The iTranslate is a translation app. This app turns your Apple watch into a translation device. All you have to do is to tap and hold, then speak directly to your watch. And when you release, you get the translation of the word you spoke.

It helps to translate words to about 38 languages of the world. This app will be useful when you travel abroad to places that don’t speak your native language. It has a 39-day free trial. However, after 30 days it automatically becomes a paid subscription. To use you will have to pay.

8. Citymapper

The Citymapper app help turn your Apple watch into a compass or map. In case you find yourself in a city where you don’t know your way about the city, the Citymapper app on your apple watch helps show you the closest junction to you, the bus to take to your destination.

The app works well with Uber. Citymapper is equipped with maps of major cities of the world. The app is but like others come with an in-app purchase. Install this app now to help you find your way in a new city.

9. PCalc

For those who make calculations often, install this app today to help you with your calculations. The PCalc app help turn your wristwatch into a modern calculator.

The app comes with tons of features that will help ease any kind of calculations you are carrying out. PCalc is free but also contains an in-app purchase. If you feel you need premium features of the app, upgrade by subscribing to the premium package.

10. Evernote

The last app on the list of best Apple Watch apps for productivity is the Evernote app. Without this app, the list won’t be complete. You can jot down ideas, scan documents, pictures, and weblinks on your note, and share them across different platforms.

The sync with other devices. So you can use it on your Apple watch and also on your smartphone. You can also view notes, and access your notes. It even allows you to add or remove from the note. The Evernote app is free but comes with an upgraded package for those who want more workspace


I believe you now have apps you can install on your Apple watch to help you become more productive. These best Apple watch apps for productivity can help anyone improve in whatever they do. There are a lot of apps in the Apple store. But these apps are the best for you. Let me know whatever you think about these apps.

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