10 Best Animation Apps on Both Android & iOS 2020

apps to animate videos

Looking for an app to create animate videos on your Android iOS devices?

You just jump into the right article. As you know, there was a time when it was not easy to make animations for a normal person. But times have changed.

With the coming of Android and IOS devices, life has never been so easy. These phones now give privileges to normal individuals to animate videos all by themselves. With no much tutorial needed, you can animate your videos with these wonderful apps.

Animated videos can, not only entice your viewers but with animated videos, you can also use that to generate some revenues for yourself and create epic animated videos that can be used by a business.

Just as their apps to create nice exciting pictures you can use some apps to animate videos on your Android or iOS phones. So let get straight to the apps that can you can use to create animated videos

Top 10 Apps To Animate Videos For Mobile Both Android And IOS

1. Toontastic: Apps To Animate

Toontastics is an awesome app to animate videos on your Android or iOS smartphones. With nice layouts and well-organized tools. You start animations in no time. Design by Google, the app allows you to create your own character, tell your story, and lots more. You can even voice on the app. So you know is worth installing.

Download Toontastic on Android and IOS.

2. PicArt Animator: Apps To Animate

PicArt animator is a cartoon video maker. And can also be used to make GIFs. You can easily take videos with your camera and make them into beautiful animation videos on your phone with ease.

The app also allows a frame by frame drawing and you can see an animation timeline with play mode options. It has also some advanced drawing and sketching tools for making complex animations. You are sure to love this app.

Download PicArt Animator on Android and IOS.

3. I Can Animate: Apps To Animate

A slow-motion animation app. With an app like this, you can make wonderful videos and share it with family and friends. Loaded with nice video editor options you are sure to have a beautiful animation video. Despite being free the app has an in purchase option where you pay to unlock the full features.

Download I Can Animate on Android

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4. Animation Desk: Apps To Animate

With over a million downloads on Google Play Store you sure you are installing a nice app. Animation desk help you make animations and cartoons from scratch or animate videos and images. With over 45 brushes you can draw animations of different shapes.

Download Animation Desk on Android and IOS.

5. Animation Amino for MAP

Wow, a very unique app that allows you to create animations and share with fans and friends. You can collaborate with other people if you like passion in making a project together. One good I love about the app is that there is a part of tutorials for those who no nothing about animations. So you see why no try it out.

Download Animation for MAP on Android and IOS.

6. Stop Motion Studio

One of the easiest app on the list of apps to animate videos. Loaded with nice features you can animate your videos in no time. You can make slow motions with the app. And it has other video editing options you can jump on.

Download Slow Motion Studios on Android and IOS.

7. FlipaClip

Personally, I once used this app. A simple app that helps bring back your childhood days. It helps provide you with drawing tools to make animation videos. Where you can draw characters of your choice. You can also add music and audio files to it to make it interesting. Not to worry it supports all video formats. So you can make animation on any format you love.

Download FlipaClip on Android and IOS.

8. RoughAnimator

RoughAnimatir is a paid app to animate videos. Which is used by professionals and also simple to use for beginners? The app allows users to make hand-drawn animations. You can draw frame by frame animation which you can easily select and delete. It has importing features where you can import audio and video files into your project.

Download RoughAnimator on Android and IOS.

9. Animatic

Animatic is a well-structured app that allows you to make animations. The animation is done by hand drawing. Which can be used by both beginners and professionals. It features which include frame by frame editor. You can also repeat frames when needed. You can also export animations to GIFs, videos. The idea behind the app is to make life ideas into life images.

Download Animatic on Android and IOS.

10. Stick Nodes

Lastly on the list of apps to animate videos, is stick Nodes. An for making stick-figure animations. It’s a very powerful stick figure animator with its automatic frame tweaking, you can make smooth videos. You also add sound effects using sound effect apps to help spice up your videos. In addition, it has a virtual camera to move and zoom to make your animation more fun and cinematic.

Download Stick Nodes on Android and IOS.

There you have it, Apps to animate videos for mobile devices. All of these apps have their own unique features that will suit your taste. So select carefully, your best one, and start your animated film movies with it. And I love to see the great videos you’d create it wit the devices

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