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How to Download Youtube Videos 2020 – Easily

How to download Youtube videos and playlist
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This is a quick tip that will guide you on how to download YouTube Videos on your mobile phone or pc without any app.

Ever Wondered how you can have the Videos You just played on YouTube On your phone without having to go back to play the video via the Internet Again?

YouTube is the largest website for multimedia in the world and also Youtube is the second largest search engine worldwide no doubt.

This includes millions of videos and audio files. YouTube allows people from all locations to create content and access this contents on their platform. Contents ranging from education, tech reviews, music, gaming, and comedy are posted on YouTube.

We all love streaming videos on YouTube. It’s fun to watch your favorite music video or even stream a complete movie on YouTube.

However, YouTube doesn’t permit users to download Just any videos on their phones directly from their website or app. But you could save some certain video via the Youtube App, But I don’t think you could have it for life (because Videos downloaded on Youtube App Can only be thre for 30days or more I think and you can only play the downloaded video only on the Youtube App).

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A lot of people want to know how to download YouTube Videos and have it on their device for offline plays or even share with or without the internet.

Most people even look for apps that will enable them to get videos from YouTube to their phones directly. But there are problems with using an application to download because they contain

  • Irritating ads
  • The best quality to download might not be available
  • You might create an account for something that you can download easily

It is very easy to download videos on YouTube, just follow the simple steps listed below. I will give you five simple steps on how to download YouTube Videos. All these steps you can use it to download youtube vidoes on Your PC or mobile devices.

How To Download Youtube Videos Easily and For Frew 2020

Step One: Copy Video URl on YouTube or app

how to download videos from youtube

Log on to www.youtube.com or open the youtube apps search for the video you want to download and copy the link to your clipboard.

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Step Two: Add “ss” to The URL

In your browser address bar, e.g Google chrome. Edit the copied link at the top of your browser (the Url bar) and add “ss” in front of the Url after the HTTPS:// e.g https://ssyoutu.be/TAGODJ_GXas

Step Three visit SaveFrom Website

Click On Your enter button after editing the link you will be directed to another website called SafeFrom

Step Four: Choose Your Preferred Resolution

Download options will appear and you will get to choose the format you wish to download for the video file. To suit the resolution you want.

Step five: Begin Download of the Video

Enjoy downloading your videos!!!

And that is it, that’s the simple way to downlo vidoes from youtube either on PC or on Mobile phone. This few steps works for any YouTube video either short or long.

Hope this helps you.

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