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Apple AirPods Max: The Complete Breakdown

apple airpods max
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There have been rumors for some time that Apple was going to release wireless the air headphone and all the rumors became true with the release of the AirPods Max. This new headphone will take active noise cancellation and the spatial audio you get on the Airpods Pro to the next level.

While everything might sound premium on the Airpods Max from Design to the user experience I personally think that the 550$ price tag does not justify what you are getting. So in this article, we will be going through the Airpods Max and I will tell you everything you need to know about the new luxury apple headphones.

No doubt the sound quality on this headphone will be top-notch it will outmatch its closest rival the Sony WH-1000XM4 or the Sennheiser gaming headphones. Now, these headphones have a lot of features that are missing on the new release by Apple but that will be a topic for another day.

Everything on Apple Airpods Max – All You Need To Know 

Apple Airpods Max Price in Nigeria and Availability

The price of the Apple Airpods Max Headphones in Nigeria is starting at N200,000 in Nigerian naira. Apple has announced the price of the Airpods Max to start at $550 in the global market and leading online stores. The availability of Airpods max in Nigeria is not yet confirmed but the headphones will be made available globally later in December 2020.

Design Of The Airpods Max

The design of the headphone is great it is made out of a stainless steel frame and we have five colors to choose from that include space gray, sky-blue, green, silver, and pink. The headband is made out of mesh and was carefully designed in a way that pressure will be balanced and also sits on your head perfectly.

According to apple, each ear cup uses acoustically engineered memory foam it serves as a seal that will deliver immersive sound quality. The headphone doesn’t have any type of touch controls like we see on headphones apple adopted the digital crown on the apple watch. it will be used to control volume, pause and play music, skip tracks, answer calls, and activate Siri. There is a second button called the noise control button that will be used to switch between transparency mode and noise cancellation.

Even if you wear the AirPods max for a long time there won’t be any pain or strain in the ears Apple did a good job, especially with the ear cups. Apple also adopted the lightning charging method on the Airpod Max instead of a Type C port. the fact that they are not sweatproof or water-resistant is also a deal-breaker for me

Seamless Connection with iPhones and iPads

Even though the headphones don’t have many physical features/buttons. If it is connected to an iPhone or any other Apple product there are going to be a ton of features that can be unlocked. The integration of Apple products between the Apple ecosystem is next to none in the industry.

The AirPods max is built for iPhones and if you want to get the best out of it you need to own an iPhone. The connection between apple software and hardware is something I appreciate a lot and it makes it easy to use their products.

Sound Quality

We know what the Airpods Pro offers in terms of sound quality and I can tell you that this is a step ahead. Active noise cancellation is great on this and that is the strongest selling point from the design you can tell it all.

Spatial Sound here is awesome the headphone tracks your head movement thereby giving you the best sound regardless of your position. The Airpods Max uses the H1 chip and we’ve seen how it performs of the Airpods Pro.

This chip allows for adaptive EQ and low latency it is also responsible for Active Noise cancellation and Spatial Sound. The H1 chip is the difference-maker on this headphone by apple. The headphone uses Bluetooth 5.0 and to me, I feel apple should have gone for Bluetooth 5.2. With that we can cover longer ranges and get additional features. both ears have their own separate H! chip making it more efficient

Battery Life

According to apple, even with active noise cancellation, you should get about at least 20 hours of playtime from the AirPods max. This will last a decent day but nothing close to comparing them with the Sony WH-1000XM4.

When in the smart case it goes into ultra-low power-saving and It baffles me that this can’t be turned off and on. For now, we can’t tell how long it will take to charge but according to apple, a quick 5 minutes charge will last 1.5 hours.

apple airpods max

What I Don’t Like About the AirPods Max

  • The carry case looks weird to me
  • it’s not water-resistant
  • Nothing justify selling this For $550
  • Why Can’t we turn them On and Off

Our comments are open let us know what you think about this new product by apple. Will you even consider buying them?

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