Will The Samsung Galaxy Fold Support 5G Network? – Quick Gist

Samsung Galaxy Fold

This is a question asked by everyone whenever we talk about the foldable phones especially Samsung Fold and when will it be released and Yes the Galaxy Fold Will Support  5G Network.

Meanwhile, that is not the only awesome thing about the Galaxy fold it actually comes by default with 12 Gigabytes of RAM which is insane on a Smartphone. I mean you probably have less than that on your computer and you have more capacity to run apps smoothly.

There is no Exynos (Soc) model of the Galaxy Fold, all Galaxy Fold seems to come with a Snapdragon 855 Model. Did you guys know? that Samsung Galaxy fold also comes with UFS 3.0 storage this is one of the first devices in the world to come with this type of storage.

It allows the read speed To Go as high as up to 1.8 Gigabytes Per Second which is impressive this is up from about 900 Megabytes Per Second that we had in UFS 2.1 and then the write speeds can be over 1.5 Gigabytes Per Second from about 200 to 300 Megabytes.

Another massive improvement in terms of the flash module and we also get USB 3.1 on this foldable device, this allows up to 1.25 Gigabytes Per Second transfer speeds from 625 Megabytes Per Second more than USB 3.0.

USB 3.1 supported on the Galaxy fold can transfer data almost 21 times faster than an iPhone 10s max.

Samsung Galaxy Fold allows you to connect via a cable USB type-c cable to a monitor from the phone and then you can use that monitor and it turns into a desktop mode so you can attach a keyboard.

One thing that keeps people more concerned is the price. The Samsung Galaxy Fold started with a price of up to $2000, this is expensive but we have seen more expensive gadgets.