Upgrade Infinix Hot 4 Pro to Android 7.0 – How to

Infinix Hot 4 Pro specs, features & price

[sg_popup id=”30″ event=”onload”][/sg_popup]Infinix Hot 4 Pro is one of the devices that has been making waves since its release date, now let’s talk on how to upgrade your device. Check specs here

There is no much difference between the Infinix Hot 4  and Infinix Hot 4 Pro, except for the  4G network feature on the Infinix Hot 4 Pro.

Also, the Infinix Hot 4 Pro has an inbuilt feature called Dirac. This add flavors to the sound that the device gives.

Let cut to the chase. Let’s talk about how you can upgrade Infinix Hot 4 Pro to Android 7.0


  • PC (Windows)
  • MediaTek Vcom Drivers download
  • SP Flashtool V5.1628 download
  • Infinix X556 Nougat ROM Link here download
  • Infinix x556 TCard Update (Nougat V45) file Link here download
  • USB cable
  • Infinix Hot 4 Pro itself

Steps To Upgrade Infinix Hot 4 Pro To Android 7.0

  1. Install your MediaTek Vcom drivers (Learn here) and check your Device manager (Windows) you should see something like this screenshot
  2. Extract the Infinix X556 Nougat zip file into a specific folder.
  3. Launch your SP Flash Tool V5.1628 And you should see a screen like thisupgrade infinix hot 4 pro to android 7.0 steps - sp flashtool
  4. Now click on “Scatter_Loading” on the SP Flashtool and load the Scatter file from the location you extracted the Nougat Rom into just like this
  5. After loading the files you should see a screen like this and make sure all the files are ticked just like this screenshot
    upgrade infinix hot 4 pro to android 7.0 steps -sp flashtool
  6. Now get your phone Make sure it is Charged up to 50% and above, and Make sure You back up your files.
  7. Click on download on the SP flash tool and switch off your phone and connect to PC via USB. And you should see a Yellow Progress bar bellow on the SP Flashtool.upgrade infinix hot 4 pro to android 7.0 steps -sp flashtool
  8. Wait until you see an Ok Result on the screen like this.upgrade infinix hot 4 pro to android 7.0 steps -sp flashtool
  9. Now make a hard reset on your device (Learn here ) and reboot your device and you should have Android 7.0
  10. Copy the Tcard Update File to a memory card and place it in the root directory of your memory.
  11. Now set up your device after turning it on. Go to system update (App) and click on the “update from local” and select the Tcard update(it will be at the top). Install the Update
  12. Finally make a hard reset on your device again and reboot the device and you should have Android 7.0 on your device. Enjoyyy

There are some bugs like Not showing H+ on network, Abnormal Charging…. But to be real the OS is okay and worth using.

Note:- Make sure you back up your files before starting any upgrade process.



  1. i updated my infinix hot 4 pro to 7.0 and it malfunctioning. I cant login to skype, i can log into outlook again and the finger print security is lagging. Not good as the phone is no longer smooth, It require more update for perfection.

    • Oh snap! Sorry to hear you going through that and so sorry for late reply. I would love know did you follow the steps on this blog post to upgrade your Infinix Device?

    • The Tcard Update will help you update the Nougat Rom Version. Actually, You Can now upgrade your device to Android N.0 (Nougat) Via OTA, It is on Your Phone. < System Update> Thanks

  2. CharpMan I need you help fast fast as in quickly.. please, my infinix hot 4 pro[when still running on version 6.0, stopped turning on hotspot and wifi] the, I thought flashing it would solve the problem. I came here now and downloaded the version 7.0 ROM. and now, I still encounter the same problem….. I still can’t on hotspot and wifi, please what else can I do to resolve this issue?

    • Sorry Lawal for the late reply to your comment, gat a little issue with notifications. I will suggest you should reset your phone (YOU CAN DO THAT BY PRESSING AND HOLDING DOWN THE POWER BUTTON FOR 10secs) if it doesn’t work You should reflash the device with updated ROM.

      • thanks, but I did all that.. I upgrades to version 7 not because I like it. I was force to do so because I couldn’t find any other way to do it.. I think the problem is from the hardware not software stuff, I also took it to an engineer; he said it cant be fix, then I gave up and don’t want to stress on it anymore. thanks for your concern.

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