Top Best Websites To Look For Apartment In New York

website to look for apartment in new york
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looking for an apartment can be quite challenging these days If you are or have a friend that is looking for an apartment to rent in New York. Then read on. If you don’t, this information can still be useful to you. For I will be listing websites to look for apartments in New York.

Well, getting an apartment to rent in New York isn’t that hard again. As the internet has helped make everything easy. At any point in time, you can visit these amazing websites to look for the apartment that best suits you. These websites give detailed information about the apartments that are open for rentals. Incase you want to check out the best sites to look for apartments in the USA we have you covered.

And you can get to negotiate with whoever is in charge of them. I can assure you that the apartment you might be looking for is already on this website. Mind you, they aren’t the best. But they are the most useful websites you can find around.

Best Websites To Look For Apartment To In New York 2021


Frele is a new and free website to search for an apartment in New York. They offer videos of the apartment that you wish to rent. This helps saves time this website aims to be transparent. With that, they help House hunters get what they want. And also they give the direct address of the apartment. And also listers contact. Despite being new, they have a lot of listings that you will love.



Are you looking for a short-term apartment? Then visit lease break. On this website, landlords, tenants and agents make posts of the available apartment regularly. Just like free, transparency and value are their driving force. With that in mind, they make public the street address of the apartment and all for free. You can also find room for rent on lease break. However, the website doesn’t have a unique display and isn’t that friendly for mobile users. But if don’t mind, it’s one of the best websites to get short-term apartments.


Naked Apartments

This website has an easy user interface. Where anyone can easily navigate around to check for available apartments for rent. The naked apartment has a unique technology that helps rate apartment by agent listings. So you get to see top-rated agent listings and view the apartment if they best suit you. However, naked apartments charge brokers and agents to list apartments. So House hunters won’t be able to get the exact address of the apartment. What am I saying in a north shell? That you might be charged by the agent to get the exact location of the apartment.



Almost everyone has used Craigslist in searching for an apartment in New York before. As you know it’s a popular website that still draws a lot of traffic to itself when it comes to search for a house. One thing though you must be careful when using this site cause there a sad story of someone been scammed. And other related issues. And just no longer free. And the user interface is not that friendly.



A unique website that helps rank apartments with a unique scoring tool known as the top score. With the hopscore, Renthop helps rank apartments based on quality. So users get to see the best apartments available on the website. However, the website isn’t free so, it charges brokers on the listing of apartments.

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The consequence of this is that you find a duplicate of the apartment and the address of the apartments is not made public. To sum it up, brokers aren’t ready to rent out the houses they display rather but to lure you into renting other apartments.

Final Verdict On The Websites To Look For Apartment In New York

Well, you have seen the features of these websites and what each had to offer to its customers. I employ you to make go research about the apartments you want to rent before making any payments. Get to see the landlords or agents and get the exact address of the apartment.

Lastly, check out the website that best suits you and makes your choice of apartment. And please if you find this article useful help share it with friends and family. I will love to know your thoughts on these posts in the comment box below.

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