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Cryptology is a cryptocurrency trading exchange platform thought to be suitable for both new and old users. The platform being as straightforward as it can is one of their main attractions. On any cryptocurrency platform, we see five main features that you must consider before deciding if you are sticking with it or not. Fees; Withdrawing funds Availability of Locations Trade Pairs That Are Currently Available Signup Let’s have an overview of what Cryptology offers on these five main features.


To begin, Cryptology, being a cryptocurrency exchange platform, charges as little as 0% in fees. If you’re new to this world and don’t want to risk much, this is amazing. A $100 bonus is given to new users as well. With a minimum of $25, €20, or RUB 1000, deposits made with debit and credit cards are also subject to a 2.65% fee.

SEPA deposits with a €1 minimum are subject to a 0.45% fee. Verified users will also send money through wire transfer on a fee-free €25 or $25 minimum. For both producers and takers, the current fees are about 0.002. The trading volume determines the cost of exchanging any other cryptocurrency accessible on the site. Different people from different locations with different currencies may be charged differently.


Withdrawing Funds

The only accounts that are able to withdraw fiat money are SEPA and institutional accounts, with a €50 minimum of withdrawal and a fee of €7. The EUA and Japan are the only two countries that do not have access to Cryptology. It’s available all over the world, except for these two.

Trade Pairs That Are Currently Available


BTC/USD ETH/USD Perpetual BTC/USD Perpetual LTC/USD Perpetual XLM/USD Perpetual YFI/USD Perpetual MKR/USD Perpetual SNX/USD Perpetual TRX/USD Perpetual ZEC/USD Perpetual BCH/USD Perpetual EOS/USD Perpetual


BAT USDT LTC XRP DAI BCH BTC USDC ETH TRX XLM ZEC Cryptology’s major cryptocurrency exchange trading platforms are the Futures Trading and Spot Exchange. Cryptology offers the Trade History, TradingView’s chart, Order Book, and Order Form features on both platforms. The Order Form allows you to buy and sell crypto at market price or limit. The Futures Trading platform also lets you choose your leverage.


The registration procedure is easy. Basic information will be asked, fill it, agree to the platform’s Terms of Service (this step is obligatory), and that’s it, done. Upon registration, two types of accounts are available to choose from—the personal and the institutional accounts. The personal account only offers access to the Trading Account option.

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If you have an institutional account, you can choose the Global Wire account. The distinction is as follows: Trading Account: allows deposits in both cryptocurrencies and fiat money. Only cryptocurrencies can be withdrawn from it, however. Global Wire account: You may use it to deposit both cryptocurrencies and fiat money.

On this account, you can withdraw both cryptocurrencies and fiat money. The account you’ll be withdrawing the money into must be the same one you used for the deposit. For fiat money deposits, both Mastercard and Visa are accepted. Withdrawals from Global Accounts are only possible via wire transfer.


You can go through a two-step verification procedure on the site, which is as follows: Basic verification: Submit a photo of a document (driver’s license, ID, or passport) and a selfie where the document appears. You’ll receive a $10,000 limit. Full verification: In your submission, you’ll provide proof of address. This level of authentication gives you a limitless account.

Cryptology Earn

Cryptology recently launched a new feature to its platform. It’s Called Cryptology Earn. It’s a utility that generates passive revenue for the user. The site accepts cryptocurrencies and various stablecoins, and you may earn money with them.

Investors must use a credit card to make these investments. The tool also allows the user to keep track of their funds, reinvest them, and withdraw them if required. The amount of money a person earns is dependent on the cryptocurrency you choose.

It might be a yield of 15% yearly on stablecoins such as DAI and USDT or an 8% annual yield on cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins. Because there are so many investment options for you to choose from, variations on the yield percentage must be expected.


All of this is to say. Cryptology appears to be one of the most beneficial cryptocurrency trading exchange platforms for novices. But, before we’re done with it, let’s take a look at some of Cryptology’s benefits and drawbacks. Benefits: Assistance: They are really helpful. They respond quickly (on our test, it took only around 10 minutes), provide very clear and easy instructions, help you with whatever you need, and don’t leave you with any unanswered questions.

This caught us off guard. It’s fantastic. Incentive: New users are able to earn a $100 incentive when they sign up for the site, as previously indicated in the review. It creates a safe atmosphere in which you may trade without risking your money. Costs: They provide a variety of costs. Some of them don’t exist at all.

Availability: Except for the United States of America and Japan, Cryptology has worldwide availability. Drawbacks: Margin Trade: A margin trade functionality is not available on the platform. So, if your favored trading method is margin trading, Cryptology may not be for you. Withdrawal: If you just have a personal account, you won’t be able to withdraw fiat money We hope that this review helped you on how to choose cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

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