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Top 10 Apps To Make Music on Your Smartphone in 2021

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Music is part of our lives and we all love music. We all listen to music and this is why we have different genres of music – even as it stands Nigerian song is well recognized. As a music maker, you can now take your music anywhere and at any time. We can now make music because of the advancements in smartphones and tablets, that you can make your music with the app of specific apps.

Top music producers in the world came together to develop these apps to help other music producers in making good music on their phones. As a music lover myself, I have come to realize that you mustn’t know how to sing or play an instrument to be able to make music though that will help it isn’t necessary.

Most music makers in the world today do know how to sing, all they do is to put their passion in making music to work, and they bring out excellent pieces. Apps to make music now help people like you and me to make music whenever we which to. These apps to make music are good for both beginners and professionals alike. Apps to make music come with amazing tools that can help you make great melodies that will please your listeners.

With the help of these apps, music-making has moved to a new height, unlike the old traditional way where you have to be in a studio where you use music equipment in making your music. Mobile phones and apps have helped reduce such stress. With each of these apps installed on your phone making music just become easier. Let’s check these apps out.

Top 10 Best Apps To Produce Music Beats on Your Smartphones In 2021

1. GrooveBox

GrooveBox is an excellent app designed to help you produce music on your phone. It is packed with amazing instruments like MiniMom, drum box, Horizon, Retro base, and Poly-8  which can help you make wonderful music in minutes. Other features you will enjoy on this app are the nice drum kit and synth.

 Furthermore, it allow you to export your song to laptops for further productions. You can also sync with other apps using Ableton Link, Audio box, and inter-app Audio. The apps are free and only runs on iOS devices.

2. BandLab

BandLab is one of the leading music apps in the world. You can import or create your music from scratch. It allows you to collaborate with top music producers and release your hit on the BandLab community. The user interface is quite simple and easy to use even for a beginner.

The app has a large social media platform where you get to meet other users to create a band with no audition needed. You get to meet rappers, guitarists to make music and all are for free no subscription needed. This is how good the app is.

3. Beat Maker Go

It is unknown as the ultimate drum pad controller. The app is loaded with 32 pads and about 90 sound packs to get you engaged. There is no full moment with this app. You get to play around with the artist’s sound packs and when an inspiration develops you have the freedom to quickly record it.

The app is also doubled as a game app where you get to unlock challenges. It also has an interactive learning mode. So you get to learn and make music.

4. Groovepad

Groovepad lets you create your music on the go. The app tried its best to bring out the artist in you. You get to create your music, play soundtracks from its robust library, mix some sounds. You love to become a DJ, Groovepad is just the app for you. The genre included in this app includes Trap, Electronic, Hip hop, and lots more.

With over 50 million downloads, this app is just good for you. However, the features are not totally free it has in-app purchase, so to enjoy it to the fullest you have to make the purchase.

5. RemixLive

It is a simple intuitive music composition app. RemixLive is packed with loops and sequences that are automatically synchronized with the tempo. In addition, the app comes with double the amount loops and sequences, supports a MIDI controller, with a new Chromebook app.

It has a wide selection of genres which means you can create music if any genre you want. It also gives you the liberty to share your music on any social media platform. How sweet right. With RemixLive you can create, edit and export your music in any audio format.

6. n-Track Studio

n-Track Studio calls itself the powerful multi track Audio application. Well, it might be right. The app transforms your phone into a standard recording studio. It allows you to create music with ease. You can record using the built-in mic or an external interface.

Furthermore, you can import grooves, create beats using the step sequences, create melodies using the built-in virtual keyboard, or connect an external keyboard to it. You can also adjust levels, pans EQ, and add effects using the mixer.

It also gives you the freedom to share your music from your phone. Isn’t that great? And guess what all is fine for free. However, certain features have to be paid for before using this app.

7. Song Maker

Song Maker app is an app for everyone who wants to make music for fun. The app is loaded with great music tools like a mixer where you can edit loops and sounds. Compose that song you have long for by combining sound rhythms and beats. You can make the voicing separate and later add it to the bear you have made earlier.

You are free to make any kind of music with this app be it hip-hop, pop Trap, and so on. Likewise, you can also become a DJ without a Studio. The app gives you the liberty to create and mix jams of your choice. It has about 5 million downloads already on the Google Play Store to tell you how good the app is.

8. Music Maker Jam

Music Maker is one great app for making music and remix. Either you are a music creator, a producer, or a DJ the app is one of the best you should have on your phone. The interface is user-friendly, so you do not have anything to worry about. Install this app and create great Jams where you and your colleagues can groove to. The app is not limited to professionals only even you are just trying to have fun the app will help you do that. The app supports different genres like Trap, pop, and many other genres.

9. Rap Frame

This app is for those who love to rap. With this app, you can get start your rap music career. Get to record rap songs on your phone. The rap Frame allows you to choose a beat from the library of beats it has all for free. You can also use your custom beat but this can be done when using the VIP package. Get to share your rap songs with its community and get to meet upcoming rap talents around the world. You’re of getting what you want with this app.

10. Figure

The figure allows you to create music and beat within minutes. You can create your music while waiting for a bus or while waiting for a friend. That’s how easy it is to create music with Figure.

Though you might think since it is simple is doesn’t create quality sound. You are the wrong Figure to help you create music with good melodies.

All you have to do is slide your finger on the play pad. You can be wrong when using this app. However, it only works on iOS devices.

Final Words On Apps To Make Music

We both know that these apps can give you the real quality of a Studio sound however you can use them to record and create quick music and later transfer them to your computer where you do some finish work on it. You see it has helped save you time.

They are also needy when an inspiration jumps into you on your way to a friend’s house, you can just sit and quickly use one of these apps to make music to bring that inspiration into reality. Music makers or those of you trying to make one I will suggest you start with any of these apps that he creates music.

Let me know which app you used to create your music. I love to know more from you in the comment box. And please do well to share to friends around this post may come in handy.

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