Top 8 Best Android Launchers in 2019 that Still Rocks in 2020

best android launchers 2019

Smartphone launchers help spark light and help upgrade the display performance of Android phones. Therefore, making them look smarter and gives an awesome display of the icons on Android phones most especially android launchers 2019.

There are a lot of launchers out in the stock market but we have carefully selected the top 8 best android launchers 2019 that can still be rocked in 2020 and give your device a form of great beautification.

Before getting down to these best android launchers 2019, let’s take a brief to know what an android launcher is.

What Are Android Launchers?

Android launchers are apps that help change the font size, home screen look, app icons to themes. Android launchers help enhance the display of Android phones. Most importantly, it’s improved features, which include a custom options menu.

These launchers have become one of the most loved features of android phones. To clarify how lovable and how important the launchers are, most android phone manufacturers have launchers integrated into them.

Above all, let us take a quick review of the best android launchers of 2019

Top 8 Best Android Launchers in 2019 You Can Still Use In 2020

Having know what an android launcher is consequently and how it works, let’s make a quick flash on the top 8 best android launchers you should try this year.

1. Nova Launcher

Nova launcher is one of the best free android launchers 2019 that has a high customization option. This launcher has been around for quite sometimes now and had made his way into the mobile app market stores.

With his high features like gesture supports, font size adjustment, awesome home screen layout and more. The most fascinating thing about Nova is that the developers update new features to the app.

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Nova is an awesome app in the sense that it allows you to tweak the orientation, grid size and allow you to hide apps. It even allows the activation of night mode a feature not in the older version of Android.

Nova launcher has a paid version called Nova prime. The Nova prime cost #399 on the play store. Nova prime comes with new advance features which include gesture control like swipe, hiding of unused apps, double-tap, pinch and more.

Outstanding Nova Launcher Features.
  • Color control options.
  • Import features from other launchers.
  • Let you customize your home screen you the way you want.
  • Ability to turn on night mode

Download Nova Launcher via Google Play

2. Microsoft Launcher

The Microsoft launcher brings an awesome window display to Android. It provides an easy to use functions to help users manage their kinds of stuff rightly.

This launcher has a similar layout like that of the inbuilt Android launched but comes with better features like the calendar events and to-do items. In addition to the list you can also customize the feed to allow for the kind of news you want to display.

The better performance of the Microsoft launcher comes. with a Cortana, which helps in reading unread messages, calendar updates and more for the users.

The launcher is a boom for those who have Microsoft accounts and those who love Microsoft displays.

Outstanding Microsoft launcher Features
  • Help pin contacts on the home screen.
  • Allow searching the web and documents in one place.
  • Personalized feed for news, calendars and to-do items
  • Allow Cortana to read unread messages

Download Microsoft Launcher Via Google Play Store

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3. Evie Launcher

Evie android launcher comes with faster performance. It has excellent gesture controls, customization options which include swipe down to “Open Notification’ and a wonderful home screen layout that allows users to backup in Google drive.

What makes Evie launcher better than its competitors is that it’s free to use and has a universal search that makes you search for apps in one place.

In the same vein, it also allows for more home screen shortcuts changing of layouts, don’t size, etc.

On the other hand, you won’t find many gestures like the others. And updates are not frequent.

Outstanding Evie Launcher Features
  • Search inside all the apps in one place.
  • Faster performance.
  • Search results to create custom shortcuts
  • Supports Bing and Duck Go search engine.

Download Evie Launcher on Google Play Store.

4. Launcher IOS 13

Launcher IOS brings the iPhone experience to Android phones. It helps give your Android device more performance level with some iOS adds features.

From the wallpaper to the app icon it’s surprising how awesome the launcher is. Long pressing of icons pops up a look-alike IOS menu to rearrange or remove apps.

The launcher is free on Google play store and gives iPhone lovers who are currently using Android a better view of the iPhone

However, this launcher comes with ads that pop up which makes it a little difficult in changing the settings.

Outstanding Launcher IOS 13 Features

  • Fixes bug reported by users.
  • Add a battery widget.
  • High-Performance level.

Download Launcher IOS 13 on Google Play Store

5. Apex Launcher

Apex launcher comes with awesome customize features that help transform the entire display of your Android device.

What makes Apex launcher make the list of awesome Android apps is that it comes with thousands of themes, icons packs which can be download from the Google Play Store.

As a result of is lightweight, Apex Launcher is suitable for both smartphones and tablets.

The Launcher helps to add up to 9 customizable home screen and it also allows users to hide app they don’t need in the app drawer. The app drawer is sorted on the title, installation date, or how often you use the app.

However, Apex Launcher has a paid version which helps to unlock more gesture wonderful, powerful app drawer and many more wonderful features.

Outstanding Apex Launcher Features
  • Allows for drawer app sorting.
  • Convenient home screen display.
  • Options for both smartphones and tablets.

Download Apex Launcher on Google Play Store

6. Action Launcher

This android launcher offers the best features for Pixel device lovers. It comes with Android Pie and Pixel launcher features. With this been said, it gives users a lot of customization features that help enhance the home screen display.

One great thing about Action Launcher is the quickness it offers to users. Quick page, quick theme, and quick bar. Apart from its quickness, it is also quick in supporting features from the newest version of Android.

Acton launcher gives its users the opportunity to import layouts from other launchers like Nova, Apex, TouchWiz and others.

Outstanding Action launcher Features
  • constant updates on weather, dates and calendar appointments.
  • Automatic resize of icons.
  • App shortcuts for new OS versions.

Download Action Launcher from Google Play Store

7. Smart Launcher 5

The smart launcher comes with a fantastic user-friendly interface features. The launcher allows for users to easily search for contacts and content on a webpage. Smart Launcher is entirely customizable, thanks to fully packed customizing options. With a lot of themes, icon packs to download which help give the home screen a nice display.

One advantage Smart launcher 5 has over others is that the developers give frequent updates and it has a unique app drawer that helps to sort apps the way you want them viewed.

Outstanding Smart launcher 5 Features
  • Best home screen gestures
  • Quickest launcher to theme
  • Automatic app sorting in the app drawer
  • Adaptive icons with enhancing customization

Download Smart Launcher on Google Play Store

8. APUS Launcher

APUS Launcher boast of a collection of over 50,000 wallpapers that help give users a lot of options to choose from. The launcher is a fun app for those who love customization for it allows you to play around with customization gestures.

It also comes along with other added features like news feed, ability to hide unused apps in the app drawer, a built-in ap lock function and many more.

However, this launcher is not as efficient as Nova, and some few other on the list but it offers more colors and flamboyant display. Some people prefer it that way.

Outstanding features of APUS Launcher
  • More wallpapers and themes to choose from
  • A built-in lock screen function
  • Ability to hide app in app drawers

Download APUS Launcher on Google Play Store

Why use the third part of Android Apps?

Some might ask the above question or might say do I really need this well this your answer. The third-party Android apps come with more enhanced features that help give your android device a better layout, awesome customize needs to tastes users’ needs and tastes.

To help save your time searching for a Launcher that helps suit you, that’s why we put together these awesome Android Launchers with reviews so as to let you select the one you love most. Let us know the Android Launcher you will be trying in 2020.

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