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Tecno Spark 8C Review – The Best Budget Phone Yet?

tecno spark 8c review
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The Tecno Spark 8C is one of the best budget smartphones you can buy right now. It comes with 4GB or 6GB RAM and it cost less than $150 I know you are surprised with the RAM I’ll explain more in a bit. The phone has a large 6.6-inch display with a 90Hz refresh rate, it also has a 13MP main camera that is decent in good lighting conditions. It cost 65,000 naira in Nigeria and there isn’t any phone around that price that can beat the Tecno Spark 8C in most aspects.

In this review, we are going over everything you need to know before buying the Spark 8C by Tecno. We are covering both the good sides of this smartphone and of course, there are some features that should have been better and we will point them out here.

Tecno Spark 8C Unboxing

  • Phone
  • Documentation
  • Silicon TPU Case
  • Sim Ejector Tool
  • Earpiece
  • 15W Power Brick
  • Micro USB Cable

Tecno Spark 8C Review – Is it Worth Buying?

Now let me share with you my thoughts about each department of the device and I will carry you along as I do that so that you can get to know the spark 8c in detail.

Design Aspect

The phone is made entirely out of plastic. There are different color options but I have the turquoise color which is green. The back of the phone is slippery so putting on a case is very important. There is a fingerprint scanner at the back, it is fast and responsive. The phone charges through a micro USB port, and hopefully, it is the last spark series device to charge via a micro USB port. USB C is the standard nowadays and all brands are using it on their budget phones. There is a headphone jack, a microphone for calls, and a down-firing speaker at the bottom.

We have the volume keys and unlock key on the right side, and on the left, we have the sim card holder that accepts two 4G sim cards and a memory card. You can use up to 256GB memory card inside the phone – which means extra storage for your files. There are two cameras at the back and we will talk more about them later, they are housed in a black square that adds more beauty to the phone.

The phone is sleek and comfortable to hold in the hand. Weight distribution around the phone is also okay, at 6.6 inches I found it comfortable to react the top of the display with one hand. The design is a good one you have no reason to hate it.

Display Aspect – Spark 8C review

There is a water drop notch display design here and we have to accept it at this price point. The display type is IPS LCD and Tecno added a 90Hz refresh rate on the display – I really commend Tecno for this and it makes the Spark 8C a good device in terms of interaction with the display.

Tecno brought premium features from flagship and midrange phones to an entry-level price. Most of the people who will buy the Spark 8C might never tried a high refresh rate on a display before. The display is bright outdoors even though it’s an IPS LCD, resolution is 720p which is okay on a phone priced below $120.

The refresh rate makes scrolling on the display fast and pleasing in the eye. You can also turn off the refresh rate to save battery life in the display settings. It is also very responsive to touch, it didn’t lag at all. Overall the display is one of the killer features of the Tecno Spark 8c.

Memory Fusion – Tecno Spark 8C Review

Memory Fusion is a feature that allows you to use some storage space on your phone for additional RAM. The feature has been common in some flagship Android phones since early 2021. My unit of the Spark 8C has 3GB RAM and you can use 3GB ROM on the phone to make it 6GB RAM. It slightly improves app retention in the background and overall performance on the spark 8c.

The model with 2GB RAM also supports memory fusion so you can increase the 2GB to 4GB RAM and make your apps respond more snappy. It is not common to have this feature on affordable devices, but Tecno broke that barrier and brought it on a phone that is affordable. But you might be thinking about how to get the Ram Fusion on your device.

How can I get the Memory Fusion feature on my TECNO Spark 8C?

To enable memory fusion on the Spark 8C, there are two OTA (Over the Air) update versions – 032 & 034, that you would need to download and install. Your Spark 8C should typically notify you of the available updates, however, you can also manually check for them in “system update” which you can locate in your smartphone settings. The memory fusion function comes with the v.034 update, hence you would need to first download and install v.032, after which update 034 will be available for download/install.

Performance & Software Aspect 

The phone is powered by a UNISOC T606 chipset and that is one of the aspects that I expected better from Tecno. We can blame that on the fact that there is a global chip shortage. However, the device performs okay for casual usage, which is what most buyers within this price range would want to use the phone for.

If you play demanding games on the device, the lag and shortage in performance become obvious. But, when you play less graphics demanding games like Subway Surfer and the likes you will be getting smooth gameplay.

Software-wise, the Spark 8c is running on Android 11 and HiOs 7 is the User interface from Tecno Mobile. It comes with all the unnecessary apps and unwanted notifications like any other Tecno phone which are part of the reasons why the installed memory is already used up to a certain level. It is a little bit refined, especially in terms of the Notification shade and quick menu. It shares similarities to the MIUI by Xiaomi. There is also some level of customizations you can do on the phone which is awesome.

Camera Aspect – Tecno Spark 8C Review

Let’s talk about the main aspect that we all look forward to when we get a new smartphone or when we are looking at the next phone we want to get. Tecno Spark 8C is not high-end and you certainly shouldn’t expect the greatest result on this device but you can get a good result that is close to the best.

There is a 13MP main camera on the phone and a QVGA lens. Up front we have an 8MP selfie camera and here are some pictures of the Tecno Spark 8C. The camera does a decent job in an environment with good lighting conditions. You are going to get images that you can use on social media. It is nothing over the top but it’s okay.

The battery on the Tecno Spark 8C

The battery on the spark 8c is a massive 5000mAh battery – and as always you can always expect the best battery on Tecno phones. Each Tecno device always proves to be the best in terms of durability in the power aspect. The spark 8c is also a good one in this aspect. It is hands down one of the best battery smartphones within its price category.

It can last a whole day on a single charge, but charging the phone takes up some time since we have a 15W charger inside the box. If you want to save battery then you can turn down the refresh rate. I don’t see any need though because even with the 90Hz refresh rate on the phone still lasted a whole day. I am impressed with the battery on the Spark 8C.

The Final Take 

The Tecno Spark 8C is a king in the budget smartphone world. I mean this phone is bringing some flagship features to the table. These are features you find on devices that cost more than this device. I don’t know how Tecno did it but it’s an all-around performer. We can only point out the fact that performance is not the greatest, but then the price category is not focused on performance, it is only as good as it gets.

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