Tecno Phantom 8 launch: Keynotes

Tecno Phantom 8 launch held in dubai

Welcome guys, Over the years Tecno has been making a great device and this year it is the Tecno Phantom 8 launch. The launch, which hold in Dubai on this day 22 October, 2017.

Tecno keeps improving and getting better every year and this year the improvement comes along with the Tecno Phantom 8 launch.

I will be sharing some keynotes I noted about the Phantom 8 device and later on, I will upload the full specification of the Tecno Phantom 8 device.


First, I will talk about the Camera on this device. Tecno Phantom 8 comes with a dual camera. These dual cameras have the rating of 12 MP and 13 MP.

These dual cameras have some distinctive capabilities that make it a great one 1. Super 10 X zoom 2. Auto Refocus and also supports HDR.

With this feature taking photography level has been improved significantly and you get to take clear pictures even from far away with the super 10x zoom capability.

The device comes with a 20 MP front-facing camera and the camera is built with a Brighten mode and also a Smooth mode for taking a great pictures. It also has a dual Flash

Okay, let talk about the RAM and the Processor speed on the Tecno Phantom 8. Phantom 8 comes with 6 GB RAM and a 2.6 GHz Octa-core Processor. And comes with a 64GB internal memory.

When Phantom 8 is compared to the previous release of the Tecno Phantom devices the speed on the Phantom 8 is faster and gives fluid experience.

Phantom 8 will run on Android 7.0 Nougat and that will make the device give its users a great and amazing plus fluid experience.

The device will be sold in different countries, including Nigeria lol, phantom 8 will be available in up to 26 countries.

Tecno improved the device specs on the Phantom 8, it supports Type-C USB connector and its screen size is 5.7″FHD screen size and with fingerprint scanner sensor your device is safe.

Lastly, phantom 8 supports 4G+ network. The fastest 4G global connectivity makes the device browsing speed get the rating of 300mbps which is 100% amazing.

I know you all can’t wait to get your hands on the Tecno Phantom 8 and just the way I feel, it comes in three colors Champagne Gold, Galaxy Blue and Phantom Black.

PRICING: – The phantom 8 will be sold about N135,000

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