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Tecno Mobile Facts About Africa’s First Smartphone Brand

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Tecno mobile limited was established in 2006 The firm later changed the name to Transsion holdings and made Tecno mobile one of its subsidiary. Tecno mobile is a Chinese manufacturing mobile brand based in Hong Kong.

Upon starting out business Tecno Mobile has focused its sales in southern Asia and Africa. After some research across Asia, Latin America, and Africa, they changed their focus solely to Africa.


Because Africa was an emerging market that no smartphone manufacturing brand focused on. They started by solving the problems of Africans. They manufactured phones that had a long battery life and also had the ability to carry dual sims.


Given the nature of calls and data tariffs in Africa, lots of Africans were dual sim owners, before Tecno, Nokia was the standout brand making small phones with only one sim card.

The brand understood the nature and happenings in the African market they knew what was required and they quickly provided solutions. One of the most popular Tecno devices is Tecno Camon X

As a result, they reaped enormous success. After some time they started making high performance and cutting edge smartphone using the latest technology at a very affordable price they offered value for money.

In 2013 during an exclusive interview with the vice president Arif Chowdhury, he stated that “the continent receives a lot of imports but the products are not always modelled to fit the demand here. We ensure our products meet the demand here because they are solely made for the African market”.

In 2018 transsion was ranked 4th in the global phones brand ranking they also sold over 124Million units of their smartphones.

Tecno mobile has a very large market across the African continent. it is a brand that has been able to capture the minds of Africans giving the nature of how the phones are manufactured and the features they have one will know that Tecno mobile manufacture smartphones with Africans in mind.

In this article, we will talk about the most important things to know about Tecno mobile and to what the company has achieved over the years

Tecno Mobile Popularity

Tecno mobile is the most popular brand name in Africa. Check out some of the awards won by the most popular smartphone brand in Africa

TECNO was named “Most Promising Brand” and “Top Emerging Brand” at Ghana Top Brands Awards.

Its flagship device Phantom A+ was awarded “The Most Popular Smartphone of The Year” by Mobile World in Ghana. TECNO was also named top 20 “Most Admired Brands in Africa” by African Business, the most influential business magazine in the continent. Also in this year, TECNO was awarded the International Quality Crown Award in the Gold Category in London.

Hardly will you find a household in Africa without users of Tecno devices. Generally Africans like patronizing cheap products.

The Company as a brand normally manufactures entry-level and mid-range phones to its teaming consumers even the phantom series is still considered to be midrange.

Tecno gradually became a household name in the continent after years of consistency and making devices that suit the African continent.

Tecno accounts for over 30% of the entire smartphone industry profits in Africa.

They are dominant in more than 12 African countries. Their ability to use small retail outlets across the continent has been a major factor contributing to their success.

Tecno’s Manufacturing Plant In Ethiopia

In 2013 Tecno launched two manufacturing plants in Ethiopia. This was to further cement their place as the top smartphone makers in Africa.

The first factory was established in Shenzhen, China in 2007. The annual manufacturing capacity of the factory reached 3 million units of mobile phones. By adopting the most advanced technology and recruiting the most professional talents, TECNO achieved good business performance.


They Manufacture over 400,000 smartphones monthly in the plant and also employs over 615 Ethiopians. The plant was made created so as to easily distribute their smartphones across the African continent.



Tecno mobile  Aesthetics And Design

Tecno phone

Tecno mobile manufacture one of the most beautiful devices in the entry-level and mid-range market.

I really like the designs laced on Tecno phones. For example, looking at the Tecno spark 2 one will know that they sampled the Apple iPhone 6.

Thereby given it a very neat and accurate look. Tecno Spark 2 is one of the most successful smartphones ever released by Tecno mobile in Nigeria.

Another notable series is the Pouvoir line. Pouvoir means power in French phones on the pouvoir line normally have big battery power and can last more than 24hrs on a single charge.

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Tecno pouvoir 2 came with 5000 mAh battery. Tecno also released the pouvoir 3 and pouvoir 3 plus in 2019. The pouvoir 3plus packs a 6000 mAh battery according to Tecno, the smartphone can last for 5days on a single charge. And it packs all the latest features including the latest trend of minimal chin and bezels, big screen, and triple cameras at the back.

The Tecno spark 3 is also pleasing in the eye. The best so far in 2019 is the Tecno Phantom 9. Tecno mobile put in their best to build an amazing smartphone in the phantom 9.

Tecno has consistently laced out a beautiful device with durability. Even though the phones from Tecno mobile are not overly expensive they are still beautiful.

Tecno phones normally come with metal backs until recently they started adopting the glasstic build. Most of their phones come with the helio processor which is not fast when compared with Snapdragon or Exynos. This is as a result of the pricing.

They also manufacture their phones using the IPS capacitive touch screens but the Phantom 9 has an AMOLED display.

The camera quality has improved over the years. as they now build phones with triple cameras. If you are an African just know that Tecno is made for you.

It has the ability and power to withstand all the daily struggles faced by Africans. e.g battery power, cheap and easy repair.

Problems of Tecno Mobile

Image from Tecno Mobile

Tecno mobile devices usually have some problems. I’ll talk about battery charging first.

In a continent that electricity is a major problem, I think Tecno should improve on how quick their phone charge from 0 to 100.

Others problems include too much bloatware, occasional lags, overheating, the inability of their devices to handle multitasking and heavy apps. They need to improve this aspect as quick as possible.


The Future For Tecno Mobile

In 2019, some top Asian brands have Started turning attention to the African market.

These brand include Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo. It is because Transsion and Tecno accounted for 35% of the entire smartphone market globally.

And the whole profit came from Africa. The coming of these brands simply states that competition is fast growing.

But Tecno already has a large pool of people familiar with their brand.

They need to convince people to always patronize them. They must match the powers of these brands or even think ahead In order for them to continue being the favorite brand used by Africans.

It is also good to acknowledge the fact that Tecno mobile is already meeting up with the latest trends and standards. That is being kept in a highly competitive smartphone market.

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