Samsung Unpacked Event 2019 : All That Was Unveiled

Samsung Unpacked event 2019

Samsung Unpacked Event 2019 was live yesterday, Samsung released a bunch of great products. If you miss the event, don’t panic I will be sharing with you the set of new products released at the event in this post.

Samsung Has kicked off 2019 in a very big way, with the release of the new Samsung S series and lots of new products including watches and new earphone buds.

It has been 10 years since Samsung has been releasing the Samsung S series and the release of Samsung S10 is the mark.

All Unveiled At The Samsung Unpacked Event 2019

Now, I am going to be sharing with you some details about all of the products that were released at the Samsung Unpacked 2019.

Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S10

Going forth, Samsung released more devices to the S series. The Samsung Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10 Plus…

The S10 is the headline device of the event. Samsung Galaxy S10 has 6.1-inch QHD+ Dynamic AMOLED curved screen, not just that it has a triple-lens rear camera, made up of a 16MP ultra-wide lens, a 12MP telephoto lens and a 12MP lens that can switch between apertures.

Also, the design for the S10 series has revolved with a punch-hole in the screen for the 10MP front-facing camera and it has The world’s first ultrasonic fingerprint scanner is also built into the display.

Talking storage the Samsung Galaxy S10 has 8gB or ram and 512gb internal storage… Powered by 3400 mAh battery. Going for $900

Samsung Galaxy S10e

Samsung Galaxy S10e

Going next is the Samsung Galaxy S10 e. I’d call it The Economy’s galaxy.

It has a 5.8-inch Full HD+ AMOLED flat display not curved like on the Galaxy S10 and also has a punch-hole for the front camera.

The S10e has a dual rare camera and not triple like on the Galaxy S10… Samsung S10e has a 16MP ultra wide and a 12MP switching aperture camera only. There is no telephoto lens option for the Galaxy S10e…

You have the chance to go for a different selection when it comes to the storage aspect. You can choose between the 6GB RAM or the 8 GB RAM version and it has a 256GB internal storage. Powered with a little less battery cap of 3100mAh compared to the 3400mAh on the Galaxy S10…

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

We are down talking about the Galaxy S10 Plus. It has a curved 6.4-inch QHD+ AMOLED screen, but the screen size isn’t the only difference compared to the S10.

It has a second front camera. So, it has an 8MP and 10MP front dual cameras. The battery Got bigger too it has 4100mAh battery capacity. Talking about the storage, you can get up to 12GB of RAM and 1TB of Internal Storage.

The rare camera system has a triple-lens camera and another significant feature is the in-screen fingerprint scanner. The price for Galaxy S10 Plus starts about $1000.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

We’ve talked about Galaxy S10, S10e and S10 Plus. But we still have one Galaxy to talk About and that is the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G.

From the name, you’d have guessed that this device might have the chance to support 5G network and that’s true…

Galaxy S10 5G is the biggest when it comes to screen size and battery capacity. It has a 6.7 Inch AMOLED display and 4500mah battery.

Meet The Umidigi S3 PRO

At the top, there is a 3D depth-sensing camera, useful for augmented and virtual reality, as well as facial recognition.

It has 8GB Ram and 256GB storage. The RAM isn’t as much on the Galaxy S10 Plus but it still worth it.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung Fold is the first generation of foldable smartphone from Samsung Mobile.

It has a 4.6-inch screen when folded and can open out to a 7.3-inch display, big enough to allow for three-app multitasking, and app continuity allows you to instantly pick up where you left off when switching between screens.

It fits the role of a smartphone and also a tablet, with its high-end operating system and a 12 GB RAM.

The Galaxy Fold also has six cameras – three on the back, two on the inside and one on the front. There’s 512GB of storage, a 4,380mAh battery to keep it going, and optionally 5G support. The price is $1980 about N712,000 Nigerian currency.

Samsung Galaxy Active Watch

Samsung Galaxy Active watch

This is an alternative to the previous Samsung Galaxy Watch. It is more like a sportier device. It has the ability to monitor your heart rate (that can also measure your stress), it has a round face, and water-resistance to depths of 50 meters.

It runs Tizen but with a bit of a makeover, as it includes Samsung’s new One UI, which hasn’t been used on a wearable before. It’s more than just a fitness band too, as it can also access apps and receive smartphone notifications.

Samsung Galaxy Fit & Galaxy Fit E

Samsung Galaxy Fit

The name has said it all already, if you need a fitness band apparently the Galaxy Fit should be your choice and Galaxy Fit E is also better.

The Galaxy Fit can automatically track six different exercises and you can track sleep and stress with it too, with a rectangular Super AMOLED screen being your window onto all of that.

Supposedly its battery will last around a week as well from a single, so you won’t be charging it all the time. It is water-proof up to 50m and weighs 24g.

Now, talking about the Galaxy Fit E, it is small with just 15g weight. It is more of a lower end device, but with many of the same features, including a heart rate monitor and 50-meter water resistance on the Galaxy Fit…

Samsung Galaxy Buds

Samsung Galaxy buds

Lastly at Samsung Unpacked Event 2019, Samsung announced the Galaxy Buds. This a new Wireless earphone from the company and can compete with the like of Apple Airpod.

They are kept in cased which charges the buds. and it has a comfortable feel which makes it possible to stay longer in your ears without feeling uncomfortable.

It can go on call for up to 6 hours and can go all day long with you listening to your music. Going for the price of $129.

So that is all of what was unveiled at its Samsung Unpacked Event 2019.

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