Oraimo Tempo Review- Indepth From GadgetStripe


Hi guys( I am sure you’ll notice that’s how I do start my review if you have been following my YouTube updates), this is the Oraimo Tempo Review.

The video review of the Oraimo Tempo is on the GadgetStripe’s YouTube Channel or you can follow this link to watch.


The Design of the Oraimo Tempo 0fb-10 is the first thing I want to talk about, this wearable device is really nice one.

Tho, there is nothing much to say about the design apart from the fact that it has a strap size of 240 x 16 x 11.9 and also a rubber feel.

The Oraimo Tempo device is a light (not heavy) device and the feel you’ll get on your wrist is amazing.


Oraimo Tempo display screen

The display of the Tempo Device isn’t something huge as it is a wearable device.

Oraimo Tempo has a 0.49 inches display which is built with an O-led display screen.

One thing that I really love about this device is that fact that you don’t need to press anything (but you can) to turn the display on. <To turn on the display you just have to lift your hand> I’m pretty sure you’d see that in the Review video.


The Oraimo Tempo isn’t just a wearable device, it is also a Fitness device that you can use to achieve your fitness goals.

  1. It helps you determines the numbers of steps you have taken.
  2. It also helps you calculate the number of Kilometers you’ve reached.
  3. And even help you calculate the numbers of calories you’ve burnt…..

Another nice thing is that you can use your Tempo device as a stopwatch….. So you get everything you want to achieve your fitness goal during your exercise.

To use the stopwatch on the Oraimo Tempo, watch the video review video on Gadgetstripe’s YouTube Channel.

The Oraimo Tempo is waterproof device and has a great resistance to dust also… Because it has an Ingres protection rating of IP67 which means it can withstand a splash of water so you are good to go on all occasions.


The 80mAh battery on the Tempo device will definitely last you for a good 7 days of great extensive usage.

I have tested this even I think it will last more than 7days because, on the 6th day of usage, the battery is still at 60% which is wow…

So After full charging, so you don’t need to worry about the battery on the Tempo Device.


When connected to your smartphone you can get notifications on the tempo, if maybe you have a message on WhatsApp, notification on Facebook, or call notification.

It so nice that even if your tempo is not connected to your smartphone……….. And you have been using it for a long time, whenever you are connected back to the JoyWear app…. it will synch the record you’ve achieved and it will be updated in the app.

Lastly taking pictures via the joywear app is much easier.

You just have to shake your hand to take the shot, watch the review video to see this in action.

This comes handy especially when your phone is out of range for you to press the capture button.


Oraimo Tempo is sold for just #5000 (Nigerian currency), and I think this device Worth that price and it is a great one.


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