OCI Travels – With All Social Media Apps You can Guide Your Travels

oci travels

Technology has improved a lot, especially in the Travel industry. Now you can get live updates on travel promos; cheapest flights deals, apply for Visas, book tourism, etc. all on Social media apps – and that is what OCI Travels is bringing to you.

Instead Of you just going to social media to catch fun (well it was made for fun) you can still get the best out from all of social media apps or social media website and keep your self up to date.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the biggest social network sites in Nigeria, and they are big avenues to get instant travel updates and promo. With social media, you get the best way to interact with friends and family even when you not with them.

Oci travels

What You Should Know About OCI Travel 

OCI Travels and Tourism is a destination company based in Dubai and has just launched its Lagos, Nigerian office. Their mission as always been – To make travels and tourism a very interesting and a memorable. So if you travel with OCI Travels you are on the right path to a magnificent journey.

OCI-Travel is based in Dubai and now have their first branch in Nigeria which is in Lagos, the company is not only coming to Nigeria, they will be spreading across the whole of Africa.

They want to change the dynamics of tourism and they have well-trained and experienced professionals. They leverage on the social network sites to get clients best travel deals. Which means via your social media apps/website you can get the right updates.

The brand focuses mainly on

FACEBOOK @ocitravelandtourism
Twitter @OCI_Travels
Instagram @OCI_travelsllc

Also, LinkedIn is a rather more professional site, however, the brand is still very much relevant on this platform for professional, quick and swift dealings.

Furthermore, you can make an application for Dubai Visas on their website¬†isn’t that cool? trust me it is a much easier and even faster to get that done with OCI Travels


A smartphone and data are all you need for now to get the latest travel deals and tourism packages. It’s so easy that you simply make inquiries via their official social media pages and you will get an appropriate response.

Granted, there are so many Travel agencies who have good online presence, however from my experience, OCI TRAVELS takes the best advantage of the social media networks to reach out to potential clients.

Furthermore, their website loads super fast and as a tech guru, I can say that it is one the fastest loading site for Travel Agencies in Nigeria. It took just about 3 seconds to load the website.