Meet Apple iPhone X – The Future Of iPhones

Apple iPhone X

Directly after the announcement of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus it comes the announcement of Apple iPhone x also called iPhone 10.

iPhone X features are awesome when Tim Cook said iPhone X “is the Future,” I said, “how ?” Until I saw all of the specifications which I will be sharing some features with you.

Apple iPhone X features that you’d love

  1. Wireless charging 

Charging your iPhone X doesn’t need to be via cable just like the iPhone 8 and the Apple Watch.

The iPhone X supports Wireless charging via the wireless charging mat that can also charge your Apple Watch and Airpods.

2. Water and Dust Resistance 

Just like the previous iPhone variants, the new iPhone X also supports water and dust resistance to a microscopic level (to the smallest point to which water may affect the device), so you are covered.

3. Face ID

Your device recognizes you. With face ID feature you can unlock your device with a swipe (swipe up) and your device is unlocked.

The cameras can learn a user’s face and note gradual changes on your face. And it can be used day or night.

4. Display

The display on Apple iPhone X is super lovely because it features the new OLED technology, and the screen size is 5.8-inches which covers the whole surface of the phone.

  • The Apple iPhone X comes in space gray and silver and sports a “super” retina display is sharper because it uses the OLED technology

More updates coming….