The Top 5 Logistics Companies in Nigeria 2022

logictics companies in Nigeria
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Which are the best logistics & courier companies in Nigeria?

I am sure, having to transport your products to your buyers as a seller might have happened to you before and also sending somethings to someone in another part of the country might have happened to you before as well.

There are different logistics companies in Nigeria that you can use to send your products or send your preferred deliveries to someone on the other side of the country or sometimes outside the country.

You might be interested in this article if you fall into the category of sending products or getting deliveries to people on the other side of your vicinity.

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I will mention my top 5 logistics companies in Nigeria that you can use as your errand company to deliver your products to your buyers that’s if you are a seller and if you choose to send a friend loads in the other side of the country you can as well use these logistics companies.

Top Five (5) Best Logistics Companies in Nigeria 2022

1. Red Star Express PLC 

Red Star Express PLC delivers a portfolio of absolute logistics in Nigeria. Their services cut across Domestic and International express delivery which include Freight Forwarding, Integrated Logistics, Information and Document Management Solutions, Warehousing, E-commerce Solutions, and many more. Trigger shipping and prompt delivery with Red Star Express today.

Contact: 07007337827
Location: 70, International Airport Road, Lagos.
Services: Freight Forwarding, Integrated Logistics Solutions, Information and Document Management Solutions, Warehousing. Packaging Services, Food Delivery, Agriculture Logistics, and E-Commerce Solutions.

2. DHL

DHL (Dalsey, Hillblom, and Lynn) is an international logistics company that spread it wings across the border Nigeria and operates well in the country.

The company delivers within the country throughout the 36 states in Nigeria and it is the most popular logistics company in Nigeria that is well known and used by everyone. Aside from within-country deliveries.

DHL is well known for international deliveries as well. The likes of Alixpress and Amazon which is one of the biggest online stores in the world use DHL to deliver to buyers in Nigeria.

3. UPS

Second, on the list of best logistic companies in Nigeria is UPS. And it is so refreshing that UPS is also used in deliveries in outside Nigeria.

UPS provides services in more than 175 countries and territories worldwide. The company has four major headquarters: UPS World Headquarters in Atlanta, GA, the US; UPS Asia Pacific Region Office in Singapore; UPS Europe in Brussels, Belgium; UPS Americas and the Caribbean in Miami, FL, the US.

4. GIG Logistics 

Next on the list is GIG Logistics,  the company was founded and started it operation in 2012 and the aim of the company is to become the top leading logistics company across Africa.

The company is well across all states in Nigeria tho the head office of GIG is in Lagos Nigeria.

To make getting along with the company easier, they launched an app called GIGGO App which is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

The app provides users seamless shipment creation from the comfort of their homes and offices, eliminating the need to endlessly wait at pickup locations for their items to be dispatched. Once a request is made, the app locates a delivery partner nearest to the request and allocates the delivery request for pickup.

5. Professional Shipping & Logistics (PSL)

One of the most trusted logistics company in Nigeria is Professional Shipping & Logistics (PSL). They offer smooth and less delivery and distribution service across Nigeria and they are good at what they do and that is why they are on this list.

Not just about withing country deliveries, PSL also offers FREIGHT AIR & SEA (IMPORT & EXPORT) for sending and receiving deliveries internationally. Also, they offer warehouse services.

6. Derron Shipping Limited (DSL)

To cap it all, Derron shipping limited is a well known and trusted logistics company in Nigeria. Derron Shipping and Logistics Services Limited (DSL) is an integrated Logistics company with a global perspective that offers diverse services to the Maritime and Oil & Gas industry.

They operate in Nigeria and also in some other international countries makes it easy also to deliver to other parts of the world aside just Nigerian cities.

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