Itel P32 & Itel P33 – Why You Should Upgarde To The New Side

itel p33 and p33 plus

Itel Mobile has unveiled the latest addition to her mid-range MAXPOWER series, itel P33. With this new launch, itel is further expanding her portfolio of long-lasting super battery smartphones.

The itel P33 is touted to be a significant upgrade on the itel P32 – one of 2018’s best battery devices. However, with each new generation of smartphones,  you have to ask yourself the question, “ Should I make an upgrade?”. Old models aren’t always bad, and sometimes a technical upgrade between the devices doesn’t justify a reason to switch.

However, for this comparison, we will be looking at the new itel P33 to see what it offers compared to the previous model, itel P32. So why should you upgrade and which is better? Let’s take a look at the key differences;


The itel P33 is a key breakthrough in itel’s MAXPOWER series, but it doesn’t differ a lot from the itel P32. Sure, it has a slightly better and bigger screen, new security features, UI, and an AI power master, but the core of the experience is the same as its predecessor- long-lasting battery.

itel P33 debuts with a 4000mAh battery with artificial intelligence (AI) power-saving technology that helps control its power consumption in many scenarios automatically without bothering its users.

The brilliant battery performer has a total standby time of 80 hours on just a single charge! And the AI power master delivers top-notch battery optimization which keeps the device running long enough to keep you connected throughout a busy day.

Also, itel Mobile made great decisions to bump up the specs on the itel P33. It spots a larger storage configuration of 16GB ROM and an expandable slot of 32GB.

Further, you get a more immersive screen with a 5.5″ HD+ IPS FullScreen and feel secure with super-fast biometric unlocking via your fingerprint or face (a new addition). Besides being trendy, reliable and affordable, itel P33 also dons a newly customized user interface 3.1 which is simple, unique, and easy to use.


The fact that itel Mobile makes a trendy smartphone for everyone with cutting-edge technology and style at an astonishingly affordable price is one of the brand’s biggest strength. Asides its improved large battery, wider screen, larger storage, enhanced security feature, the itel P33, and P32 share the same mind-blowing specs.


If you desire to experience a premium feel with extra features that are worth the cost of purchasing a mid-range phone with exceptional battery life, then yes, upgrade to itel P33.

It offers some significant upgrades compared to other smartphones with the same offerings; and just in case you don’t own an itel smartphone yet, this may be a good time to get a new itel device. Whether it is the itel P33 or itel P32, it is certain you will be getting exceptional value no other mid-range battery phone can match.