How to use Twitter Super Follows on your iOS device

twitter super follows

Twitter is a social media platform that has grown in leaps and bounds since its inception in 2006. It is a space where you go and tweet your thoughts out loud, and some people agree with you or have an opinion about it. There are many different sides to it too; the funny, the sports, the political, the musical and many others. It is a versatile app that has played a significant role in connecting people with similar worldviews or differing opinions on global matters.

With the growth in its user base, Twitter has evolved to move with current times, sometimes even setting trends. The newest innovation they have come up with is Super Follows. It works as a paid subscription service to make money off the platform. Right now, it is available for iOS devices only and only in the US and Canada. Whilst the service is not yet available on Android; you can plan ahead – get the best phone /device/gadget for the job from retailers like Game so that as soon as the service is launched on Android, you can be amongst the first to register and earn from it.

So how does Super Follows actually work on iOS? We’re going to tell you a little more about it below.


How do you Super Follow people?

  1. Go to their Twitter profile.
  2. Click on the Super Follow icon. It will show you the subscription amount and what each subscription offers if more than one. Be sure to check the amount you are willing to pay. There is an in-app payment option.
  3. Hit the subscribe button after you have made your decision.
  4. You’re done.

How much of the subscription amount do the content creators get?

Users who have monetized their accounts will receive up to 97% of their revenue via Super Follows. However, if they make $50 000 or more, they will get 80% of the amount.

Be sure to also go through the terms and conditions of utilizing the Super Follows program to avoid surprises along the way.

What are the requirements to monetize your user profile?

  1. You must be 18 years or older
  2. Your followers must be at least 10 000
  3. You must have tweeted a minimum of 25 times in the last 30 days of that period.
  4. You must currently be living in Canada or the US.
Photo By: Benjamin Dada on Unsplash

Super Followers will be able to retweet or quote tweet Super Follows user content. Furthermore, their profiles will have a unique badge to make them easily identifiable.

Android users have to wait slightly longer until it is rolled out to them; a date has yet to be specified. We think this is an excellent initiative to encourage content creators who use Twitter exclusively to monetize their work. Super Followers will be able to support their favorite content creators and receive exclusive and bonus content all in the same breath. Great work, Twitter!

Photo By: Ravi Sharma on Unsplash
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