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RAM: How Much Do I Need to Game on My Mobile?

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If you are like us, you are someone who enjoys playing games for hours on your smartphone. This gives you relaxation and countless battles of trying to master a game. But did you know that if your mobile device’s Random Access Memory (RAM) is low, it can completely ruin your experience? Well, it can, and you will later understand why RAM is important. Think of it this way, you’ve signed up to play in multiple bingo rooms, so you want to be able to play without any interruptions. If your RAM is on point, you will certainly not experience any problems. We’ve unpacked exactly how much RAM your gaming phone needs.

What is RAM?

Think of it like this, it’s your phone’s memory. RAM is the part of your phone that is used to store its operating system. This is where apps, as well as data that are currently in use, are stored. There is a major difference between RAM and phone storage, so don’t confuse the two. Phone storage is used to store data, apps, photos, videos, etc. Now, why does RAM matter so much? The more RAM your phone has, the faster it can access applications, as well as run them more efficiently.

Android Smartphones

According to reports, there are far more android-based mobile operating systems as compared to its counterpart iOS. Android holds about 86% of the market share, while iOS comes in at 13.8%. There is no digital device that does not use RAM; desktop computers, laptops, tablets, etc. all require RAM for the device to run optimally. With some devices like laptops and desktop computers, you can upgrade your RAM at any point; however, with mobile devices, it’s simply not possible.

If we look back just 10 years ago, most devices launched with 512MB or 1GB of memory. Today, you can get up to a terabyte in memory, depending on what you buy, of course. With RAM, the average amount increased substantially just eight years ago in 2014. During that time, premium devices had an average RAM of 3 and 4GB.

Today, 6GB of RAM is standard and will more than likely be the case with baseline mobile devices. You need to remember that no matter how much RAM your device has, it’s not unlimited and needs to be managed accordingly. Some games and apps need more than 1.5GB of RAM per app or game to function as they should.

On average, you should have at least 2.2GB of RAM to run Chrome, and that’s quite a low bar. If we look at the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, it comes packed with 12GB RAM making it one of the best gaming phones. But the Samsung phone is very robust and quite expensive. For normal android phones, 6GB RAM is ideal. Anything lower than this will simply ruin your gaming experience.

iOS Smartphones

This long-standing rivalry between which operating system is better is something we cannot ignore. The more either operating system is upgraded, the better for us as consumers. Since Android is far more widespread, looking at exactly what RAM is the sweet spot for iOS is important. Chances are this is something you’ve probably never considered before while using your iPhone. You must keep in mind that most applications are perfected for iOS, therefore iPhones generally perform better than androids. This could also explain why most developers choose to launch an app on iOS first. Think about it this way, you’ve just downloaded Pokémon Go, and with an iPhone, you will experience a sustained framerate. In other words, you will be able to enjoy the game as you are supposed to without any lag.

We know that iOS receives a lot of hate, particularly online; however, newer iPhone models come with 6GB RAM, which is ideal for gaming, making your iPhone automatically a gaming phone if you like. Even just a few years ago, we can look at the iPhone 6, it came packed with 2G RAM, and it worked well for the time. While it does become difficult to compare the operating systems, you need to understand that different programming languages are used for either system. Meaning that each system requires a different amount of RAM to run optimally.

Optimal RAM for Android phones: 6GB
Optimal RAM for iOS phones: 6GB

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